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Malaxis monophyllos (L.) Sw., Nov. Act. Holm. 21: 234. 1800; Liu & Su, Fl. Taiwan 5: 1060. 1978.


  • Malaxis arisanensis (Hayata) S. Y. Hu
  • Malaxis taiwaniana S. S. Ying
  • Microstylis arisanensis Hayata
  • Microstylis monophyllos (L.) Lindl.
  • Ophrys monophyllos L.

    Terrestrial or rarely epiphytic, without distinct stem. Pseudobulbs ovoid, 1-2 cm long, 7-14 mm in diam., often enclosed by membranaceous scales. Leaves basal, usually solitary, sometimes two (one large and one small), ovate-oblong to elliptic, 4-10 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, apex acute, base decurrent, continuous into a tubular sheath 3-10 cm long, with many inconspicuous longitudinal veins and transverse veinlets. Peduncle slender, 7-10 cm long, ridged; flowering portion of raceme 8-16 cm long; bracts lanceolate, 2-3 mm long; pedicel and ovary ascending or suberect, 2-3 mm long. Flowers yellowish green, perianth widely spreading; dorsal sepal ovate-triangular, 2.5-3 mm long, 1.2-1.4 mm wide, acute at apex; lateral sepals ovate lanceolate, 2.5-3 mm long, 1.3 mm wide, acute at apex, contracted at base; petals linear, 2.5 mm long, 0.3 mm wide; lip ovate-triangular, 3 mm long, 2 mm wide, caudate at apex, truncate and auriculate at base; disc flattened at center, thickened toward sides into a verrucose ridge; column terete, 0.7 mm long; anther oval, cells orbicular; pollinia ovoid-ellipsoid; stigma semiorbicular. Capsules ellipsoid, 5 mm long, pedicel 2 mm long.

    ILAN: Nanhutashan, Su & Chen 7180; 8316. NANTOU: Meifong, Su & Wu 9542; Kwangkao, Ying 2676; Tatachia, Su & Chung 9091. CHIAYI: Alishan, Lin 156. KAOHSIUNG: Tenchi, Su 9157. HUALIEN: Pilushan, Su 9520.

    Europe, northern Asia, Aleutian Island, Alaska and North America. Taiwan, 2,000-3,000 m, grassland and often sunny coniferous forest.


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