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Chrysoglossum ornatum Blume, Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind. 338. 1825; Liu & Su, Fl. Taiwan 5: 924. 1978.


  • Chrysoglossum erraticum Hook. f.
  • Chrysoglossum formosanum Hayata
  • Chrysoglossum maculatum auct. non (Thw.) Hook. f.: S. S. Ying

    Rhizomes short and stout, producing new growths of pseudobulb and peduncle alternatively. Pseudobulbs conic-cylindrical, 5-7 cm long, 8-20 mm thick, light to dark green, glabrous and lustrous. Leaf solitary, long petioled, oblong, 20-30 cm long, 4-8 cm wide, apex acute, base cuneate, mainly 5nerved, strongly plicate; petiole 8-15 cm long, glabrous, narrowly sulcate toward leaf-base. Peduncle arising from rhizome produced near base of pseudobulb, green or reddish, 30-40 cm tall; 3- or 4sheathed below, loosely flowered above; bracts lanceolate, 8-14 mm long; pedicel and ovary to 2 cm long. Flowers ca. 10, perianth not widely spreading, green, with small red-brown spots arranged in longitudinal rows; sepals subequal, oblong-lanceolate, 12-17 mm long, 3-4 mm wide, acute, lateral ones slightly shorter and oblique, adnate to foot of column, metumn short, spur-like; petals falcate, 12-14 mm long, 4-5 mm wide, acute, bending downwards; lip white or pale yellow with some purple spots, mobile, hinged to foot of column, short clawed and with cross-folds on either sides at base, obovate, 10-12 mm long, 6-7 mm wide, 3-lobed, lateral lobes erect, triangular, obtuse at apex, midlobe broadly elliptic to orbicular, rounded at apex, with entire and often incurved margin, disc with 3 longitudinal yellow keels, lateral two are thin and incurved near middle; column pale yellow, 7-8 mm long, slightly curved, with 2 acute auricles near middle, thickened into two raised ridges on ventral side at base, foot forming short conic sac ca. 1.5-2 mm long; anther whitish, broadly deltoid, 1 mm long; pollinia 2, pyriform; stigma slit-like, with viscid fluid slightly protruding. Fruit fusiform, 2.5 cm long, 6-ridged.

    TAIPEI: Peitou, Ito s. n. Jan. 1916; Wulai, Su & Chen 6759. ILAN: Nanao, Su et al. 8289. MIAOLI: Tahu, Segawa s. n. Jun 1933; Manapanshan, Su & Chen 8881. NANTOU: Chitou, Su 11; Salichien, Su & Chen 8634. KAOHSIUNG: Liukuei, Su 41. PINGTUNG: Nanjenshan, Su 7777*, 7792. TAITUNG: Linung, Fukuyama s. n. Feb 1933; Doushan, Su & Chen 8899. HUALIEN: Hoping, Su 831.

    From the Himalaya, southwestern China, NE India, Indochina and Thailand, through the Malay Peninsula to Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and New Caledonia. Taiwan, forests at 500-1,500 m throughout.


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