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Flora of Taiwan | Family List | Orchidaceae | Cephalantheropsis

Cephalantheropsis calanthoides (Ames) T. S. Liu & H. J. Su, Fl. Taiwan. 5: 918. 1978; Su, Quart. J. Expt. Forest. Natl. Taiwan Univ. 4(3): 92, pl. 12. 1990.


  • Calanthe dolichopoda Fukuy.
  • Calanthe koshunensis Fukuy.
  • Cephalanceropsis gracilis var. calanthoides (Ames) T. P. Lin
  • Phaius gracilis var. calanthoides (Ames) S. S. Ying
  • Phaius longipes var. calanthoides (Ames) T. P. Lin
  • Plaius calanthoides Ames

    Stems erect, 30-40 cm tall, 5-7 mm in diam. Leaves usually 4-7, oblong-oblanceolate, 10-25 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, plicate, chartaceous, 3-5-nerved. Peduncle arising from base or middle portion of stem, 10-30 cm long, slightly pubescent; rachis ca. 10 cm long, loosely flowered; pedicel and ovary 1-1.5 cm long, pubescent, surface of ovary slightly verrucose. Flowers pendulous, white or pale yellow; sepals connivent, ovate-lanceolate, 8-9 mm long, 2.5-4 mm wide, lateral sepals slightly oblique; petals obovate-oblong, 8-9 mm long, 3-5 mm wide, contracted at base; lip white to yellowish, sometimes tinged with orange at center, spurless, 3-lobed, 6-8 mm long, lateral lobes falcate-triangular, apex irregularly serrate, midlobe transversely rectangular or nearly square, 2-4 mm long, undulate, ridges of disc thin, erect, yellow; column 3-4 mm long, with 2 globose calli at base; anther oval-triangular, ca. 1 mm long, 2-celled; pollinia short clavate; stigma slit-like.

    TAIPEI: Wulai, Su 2813*; Chihsingshan, Lin 58; TAITUNG: Ansoo, Su 115; Tsueshuipo, Su 112.

    Southern China and the Philippines. Taiwan, broadleaved forests from 500-1,200 m in the north and on the Hengchun Peninsula.


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