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Habenaria lucida Lindl. subsp. longiracema (fukuy.) H. J. Su & C. C. Wu


  • Habenaria dilatata subsp. lucida (Will.) S. S. Ying
  • Habenaria longiracema Fukuy.
  • Habenaria lucida auct. non Lindl.: T. P. Lin
  • Peristylus longiracema (Fukuy.) K. Y. Lang

    Plants 40-70 cm tall. Tuberoids ellipsoid, 2-4 cm long. Stem with 5-9 leaves at base. Leaves oblanceolate or oblong, 10-18 cm long, 2-4 cm wide, more or less membranaceous, glabrous on both surfaces, many nerved. Raceme erect, peduncle and rachis slender, 25-50 cm long, with several scales below, scales lanceolate, 2-3 cm long; bracts ovate-lanceolate, 12-15 mm long, 4 mm wide, acuminate, upper ones shorter; pedicel and ovary 7-10 mm long, with narrow neck. Flowers more than 20, ± dense, close to rachis, green, glabrous; dorsal sepal broadly ovate or nearly orbicular, concave, 3-4 mm long, apex subacute, 3-nerved; lateral sepals obliquely ovate, concave or cymbiform, 5 mm long; petals oblong, 3-4 mm long, slightly oblique, apex truncate-obtuse; lip thick, 3-lobed, central lobe oblong, 4-5 mm long, 1.5 mm wide, slightly dilated and rounded at apex, usually curved upward and close to hood, lateral lobes perpendicular to central one, ligulate, ca. 5 mm long, parallel to lateral sepals, spur cylin-drical-fusiform, 5-6 mm long, with longitudinal keel on ventral side; column 2 mm long, with large rugose auricles on lateral sides; anther cells clavate, close above, divergent below; pollinia 1 mm long, caudicles slender, 1mm long, viscidia lanceolate-filiform; stigma shortly clavate, placed under thick rostellar arm; rostellum thick, triangular roof-like.

    NANTOU: Wushe, Su 688. KAOHSIUNG: Liukuei, Su 55*. PINGTUNG: Tajenshan, Su 7401; Manmaloshan, Su 6728.

    Endemic, dry forests of central and southern mountainous regions below 1,500 m.


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