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Calopyxis Tul.
    Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., ser. 4, 6: 86 (1856).

Status: this genus has not yet been assessed for species diversity and endemism

- Species in Fl. Madag: 5 endemic

Species level data entry: not yet complete

Note: Jongkind (1995) placed this genus in synonymy under Combretum, and provided some, but not all of the necessary new combinations. The 5 species included under this genus in the Madagascar Catalogue probably also require transfer to Combretum. Calopyxis alata Tul. was listed as an inadequately known species in Fl. Madagasc., and is possibly a Terminalia, authentic material of this plant remains unknown.

Updated on: 21 May. 2008

Lower Taxa:


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