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Filicium Thwaites ex Hook. f.
    Gen. Pl. 1: 325 (1862).

  • Pseudoprotorhus H. Perrier

    Reference(s): Capuron, R. (1969)

    Status: this genus has been assessed for the following:

    - Species in Fl. Madag: not published

    - Accepted published species: 3 endemic

    - Estimated total species: 3 endemic

    - Indigenous species endemism: 100%

    Additional taxonomic work: not currently required

    Species level data entry: complete

    Note: The synonym Pseudoprotorhus was originally described in the Anacardiaceae. The 3 spp currently accepted, show puzzling similarities and patterns of variation. For example variation in the apparently phyllodic F. longifolium seems to correspond rather closely to that in the foliaceous F. decipiens from similar localities. A detailed field study may help to bring a more resolution to the taxonomy than is at present possible.

    Contributed/compiled by: P.B. Phillipson

    Updated on: 28 Jul. 2008

    Lower Taxa:


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