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Mimusops L.
    Sp. Pl. 1: 349 (1753).

Living Plant image: BIRKINSHAW 1620

Credit: Chris Birkinshaw


Status: this genus has been assessed for the following:

- Species in Fl. Madag: 14 (13 endemic, 1 indigenous non-endemic)

- Accepted published species: 14 (13 endemic, 1 indigenous non-endemic)

- Estimated undescribed species: 7 endemic

- Estimated total species: 21 (20 endemic, 1 indigenous non-endemic)

- Indigenous species endemism: 96%

Additional taxonomic work: in progress

Species level data entry: not yet complete

Note: Distribution of genus: paleotropical.
Since publication of the flora, one new species has been described (Friedman, 1980). DEA by R. Randrianaivo (2004) Révision synoptique des espèces Malagasy du genre Mimusops L. University of Antananarivo. Revision in progress by L. Gautier (G); R. Randrianaivo (MO) and P. Phillipson (MO). The 7 “undescribed” species actually include 2 described infraspecifics that need to be elevated to species level.

Contributed/compiled by: L. Gautier; R. Randrianaivo; P. Phillipson

Updated on: 23 Apr. 2008

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