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Potameia Thouars
    Gen. Nov. Madagasc. 5: (1806).

Status: this genus has been assessed for the following:

- Species in Fl. Madag: 4 endemic

- Indigenous species endemism: no indigenous species

Additional taxonomic work: in progress

Species level data entry: not yet complete

Note: A revision of the genus is well advanced, which will treat 17 species fully, a further 4 are regarded as imperfectly known, and a further 6-10 are left undescribed until more collections of those taxa become available. A useful vegetative character for Potameia is the pale grey bark of the twigs, which is nearly always visible on herbarium specimens. Characters never found in Potameia are opposite leaves and domatia. Potameia is the only genus of Lauraceae in Madagascar with dimerous flowers, thus flowering specimens, as well as most fruiting specimens with persistent tepals, can be readily identified.

Contributed/compiled by: H. van der Werff

Updated on: 14 Jul. 2008

Lower Taxa:


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