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Paropsia edulis Noronha ex Thouars
    Hist. Veg. Isles Austral. Afriq. 2: 59-60, (1806).

  • Paropsia vesiculosa Noronha

    Distribution: Endemic to Madagascar

    Bioclimate: Humid

    Vegetation Formation: Forest

    Elevation (m): 0-499

    Province: Antsiranana, Toamasina

    Protected Areas : Betampona, Marojejy, Masoala, Nosy Mangabe, Pic d’Ivohibe, Zahamena

    Important sites outside protected areas: Ile Ste Marie

    Note: This is a variable sp distributed along the E coast, and there are infraspecific trends that can be observed. Those collections that differed from the core P. edulis were divided into 4 groups. Collections with larger leaves that have parallel sides and distinctly arching veins were identified from the regions of Nosy Mangabe and Marojejy. This group was also recognized by Sleumer, evident from labels affixed to the sheets. Collections from Zahamena tended to have narrower leaves, less contracted inflorescences, and flowers with longer pedicels. A group with less congested inflorescences that sometimes have a short peduncle was identified from the areas of Manakara and Farafangana. Four collections with distinctly reduced leaves amongst the inflorescences were collected from Ivohibe. These groups have not been elevated to species as some characters were inconsistent and the sample sizes were limited.

    Updated on: 09 Oct. 2008


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