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Lasiodiscus pervillei Baill.
    Adansonia 8: 202 (1868).

Distribution: Madagascar, Africa

Bioclimate: Humid, Subhumid, Dry

Vegetation Formation: Forest

Elevation (m): 0-499, 500-999

Province: Antsiranana, Mahajanga, Toamasina, Toliara

Protected Areas : Manongarivo

Important sites outside protected areas: Orangea/Rigny, Sahafary

Note: Figueiredo (1995) recognised 2 subsp.: 1 (subsp. pervillei) occuring in Madagascar and eastern Africa and the other (subsp. ferrugineus (Verdc.) E.Figueiredo) confined to SE Kenya and NW Tanzania. We are inclined to accept this arrangement. However the plant is now known from more localities in Madagascar than is shown by Figueiredo.

Type(s) of accepted name: PERVILLE 321 (HT: P; IT: K, MO, P(2 sheets))

Type(s) of syns and other voucher(s): MCPHERSON 14681 (K, MO, P)

Updated on: 26 Oct. 2005


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