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3. Aletris Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 1: 319. 1753.

粉条儿菜属 fen tiao er cai shu

Liang Songyun (梁松筠 Liang Song-jun); Nicholas J. Turland

Aletris pauciflora var. khasiana

Credit: Harvard University Herbaria

Stachyopogon Klotzsch.

Herbs perennial. Indumentum (if present) usually glandular. Roots usually fibrous, sometimes thickened and fleshy, or a mixture of both. Rhizome short, rarely cormlike. Leaves basal, tufted, grasslike, lanceolate to linear, with a conspicuous midvein. Scape simple, erect, usually with a few small, bractlike leaves. Inflorescence a terminal raceme, densely capitate or shortly cylindric to laxly elongate, sometimes viscid; rachis pubescent, puberulent, or glabrous. Flowers bisexual, small, distinctly pedicellate or subsessile. Pedicel bearing a bract and bracteole toward either base or apex, pubescent, puberulent, or glabrous; bracteole similar to bract but smaller. Perianth 6-lobed distally, pubescent, puberulent, or glabrous; tube proximally adnate to ovary; lobes erect, spreading, recurved, or revolute. Stamens 6; filaments short; anthers basifixed. Ovary semi-inferior, 3-loculed; ovules many per locule. Style simple, sometimes indistinct; stigma obscurely 3-lobed. Fruit a loculicidal capsule enveloped by persistent perianth, terminating in persistent style and stigma. Seeds numerous, brown, fusiform, to 1.5 mm.

Twenty-one species: Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kashmir, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Sikkim; E North America; 15 species (nine endemic) in China.

In measurements given in this account, the scape includes the raceme, the flower includes the pedicel, and the capsule includes the persistent style and stigma.

1 Perianth pubescent, sometimes sparsely or minutely so.   (2)
+ Perianth glabrous, rarely papillose.   (8)
2 (1) Leaves 1--1.5 cm wide; perianth 7--10 mm   15 Aletris megalantha
+ Leaves less than 1 cm wide; perianth less than 7 mm.   (3)
3 (2) Bracts 2--5 × flower length   14 Aletris glandulifera
+ Bracts shorter than or subequaling flower length, sometimes a few bracts near base of raceme to 2 × flower length.   (4)
4 (3) Flowers usually subsessile, pedicels absent to 1(--2) mm, bract and bracteole borne on distal 1/2 of pedicel (often near apex); perianth lobes linear-lanceolate or narrowly oblong-lanceolate to linear; capsule turbinate, oblong-obovoid, obovoid, or ovoid.   (5)
+ Flowers distinctly pedicellate, pedicels 0.5--3.5 mm, bract and bracteole borne on proximal 1/2 of pedicel (often near base); perianth lobes ovate to lanceolate; capsule subglobose.   (6)
5 (4) Capsule turbinate, oblong-obovoid, or obovoid, distinctly angular, 3--5 × 2--3 mm, abruptly contracted distally when dehisced; leaves 2--4(--5) mm wide   2 Aletris spicata
+ Capsule ovoid, not angular, 4--6 × 3--4.5 mm, not or only slightly contracted distally when dehisced; leaves (2--)3--5(--8) mm wide   3 Aletris stenoloba
6 (4) Leaves 1--5, laxly tufted; rhizome cormlike, 3--7 mm in diam.   13 Aletris scopulorum
+ Leaves numerous, densely tufted; rhizome not cormlike.   (7)
7 (6) Perianth lobes oblong-lanceolate, 2--3 mm   11 Aletris pedicellata
+ Perianth lobes ovate, ca. 1 mm   12 Aletris yaanica
8 (1) Raceme rachis and pedicels glabrous; bract and bracteole borne on proximal 1/2 of pedicel (often near base).   (9)
+ Raceme rachis and pedicels pubescent or puberulent; bract and bracteole usually borne on distal 1/2 of pedicel (often near apex).   (11)
9 (8) Raceme covered with viscid secretion; perianth tube urceolate, strongly constricted at apex, lobes erect   1 Aletris glabra
+ Raceme not covered with viscid secretion; perianth tube broadly funnelform, lobes strongly recurved or revolute.   (10)
10 (9) Rhizome not surrounded by mass of fibers but sometimes by persistent, dead leaves; capsule with persistent stigma not or only slightly thickened   6 Aletris cinerascens
+ Rhizome surrounded by mass of fibers from disintegrated leaf bases; capsule with persistent stigma conspicuously thickened and capitate   5 Aletris gracilis
11 (8) Rhizome often surrounded by mass of fibers from disintegrated leaf bases; roots thickened, fleshy; leaves usually rather few (5--10) and laxly tufted; capsule ovoid-ellipsoid or ovoid-conical   7 Aletris pauciflora
+ Rhizome not surrounded by mass of fibers; roots fibrous; leaves numerous and densely tufted; capsule narrowly ovoid to subglobose.   (12)
12 (11) Raceme densely capitate or oblong-capitate; bract and bracteole borne on proximal 1/2 of pedicel (often near base)   8 Aletris capitata
+ Raceme elongate and lax to short and dense but not capitate; bract and bracteole usually borne at or near apex of pedicel.   (13)
13 (12) Perianth 4--7.5 mm, lobes 2--5.5 mm, erect, spreading, recurved, or revolute, 1--5 × tube length   4 Aletris laxiflora
+ Perianth 3--4.5 mm, lobes 1--2 mm, erect or recurved, 0.3--1 × tube length.   (14)
14 (13) Scape very slender, wiry, often somewhat flexuous, 7--20 cm; bract shorter than perianth; perianth often densely papillose, lobes recurved   10 Aletris alpestris
+ Scape relatively stout, not wiry, straight and erect, 1.5--10 cm; bract equaling or longer than perianth; perianth not or scarcely papillose, lobes erect or slightly recurved   9 Aletris nana

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