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2. Engelhardia Leschenault ex Blume, Bijdr. 10: 528. 1825.

黄杞属 huang qi shu

Pterilema Reinwardt.

Trees deciduous, semievergreen or evergreen, monoecious or rarely dioecious. Branchlets with solid pith. Terminal buds oblong, naked. Leaves even-pinnate, rarely odd-pinnate; leaflets 2-14, margin entire or serrate. Inflorescences lateral or terminal on old or new growth: male and female spikes in androgynous panicles or separate; male spikes solitary or clustered, pendulous; female spike many flowered, erect or recurved in fruit. Flowers anemophilous. Male flowers with a 3-lobed bract; bracteoles 2, rarely absent; sepals 1-4, rarely absent; stamens 3-15, anthers glabrous or pubescent. Female flowers subtended by an enlarged, 3-lobed bract; bracteoles 2, united, reduced to a low rim or forming a conspicuous, anterior prophyll, adnate to base of ovary; sepals 4, adnate to ovary, free at apex; style absent or elongate; stigmas carinal or commissural, 2-lobed, with 2 or 4 plumose branches, or short and 4-lobed. Fruiting spike elongate, pendulous. Fruit a 3-winged nutlet, (2-)4-chambered at base. Germination epigeal.

About seven species: S and SE Asia, N India; four species (one endemic) in China.

The number of species of Engelhardia is open to question: more than ten have been recognized in SE Asia. The taxonomy of the genus suffers from a lack of good specimens from throughout its range.

1 Plants monoecious, semievergreen or evergreen; leaflet margin entire; inflorescences terminal on new growth; male flowers shortly stalked, receptacle orbicular, stamens (10-)12, enclosed in 4-hooded floral parts, anthers glabrous; female flowers stalked, style absent, stigmas carinal, short, 4-lobed; nutlets glabrous   1 Engelhardia roxburghiana
+ Plants monoecious or dioecious, evergreen or deciduous; leaflet margin serrate or entire; inflorescences lateral on old growth; male flowers sessile, receptacle elongate, stamens 4-13, not enclosed, anthers pubescent; female flowers ± sessile, style present, stigmas commissural, elongate, with 2 or 4 plumose branches; nutlets pubescent.   (2)
2 (1) Leaflets with glandular scales inconspicuous abaxially, margin entire; petiole 2.5-11.5 cm   4 Engelhardia spicata
+ Leaflets with glandular scales conspicuous abaxially, margin serrate or entire; petiole 1-7 cm.   (3)
3 (2) Petiole 1-2 cm, pubescent; leaflets pubescent abaxially, margin serrate or entire; nutlets globose, ca. 3 mm in diam., central wing 2-2.5 cm   2 Engelhardia serrata var. cambodica
+ Petiole 4.5-7 cm, glabrous or pubescent; leaflets glabrous to slightly pubescent along midvein abaxially, margin serrate; nutlets obovoid, 5-7 mm in diam., central wing 5-6 cm   3 Engelhardia hainanensis

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