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2. Glyptopetalum Thwaites, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 8: 267. 1856.

沟瓣属 gou ban shu

Authors: Quanru Liu & Michele Funston

Evergreen shrubs or small trees, glabrous. Leaves opposite, entire or crenulate; stipulate. Inflorescences axillary, cymose, 1-4 × dichotomous. Flowers bisexual, 4-merous; petals green-yellow, green-white, red, or purple. Disk fleshy, annular, 4-angled or lobed; stamens on disk; anthers obliquely dehiscent, latrorse. Ovary immersed in disk, 4-locular; ovules pendulous, 1 per locule. Capsule subglobose, leathery, pallid, cinereous-luteous or cinereous-brunescent, surface usually with densely squarrulose macula or smooth, loculicidally dehiscent. Seeds 1-4, ovoid or rounded, basal 1/3-1/2 covered by aril.

About 20 species: tropical and subtropical Asia; nine species (seven endemic) in China.

Glyptopetalum reticulinerve C. Y. Wu ex G. S. Fan & Y. J. Xu (Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 27: 129. 2007) was recently described from evergreen forests at 600-800 m in SE Yunnan (Hekou, Honghe). We have not treated it here because we were unable to examine any specimens.

1 Disk bowl-shaped, tightly invaginated and coalescent with ovary at base, emergence plane; filament apparent, 1-2 mm   (2)
+ Disk disciform, not coalescent with ovary, most of ovary immersed in disk; filament very short, less than 1 mm or absent   (3)
2 (1) Leaf blade obovate or oblong-obovate, to 5 cm; petiole 2-3 mm; flowers yellow-green.   8 G. fengii
+ Leaf blade elliptic, rarely narrowly obovate-elliptic, to 12 cm; petiole ca. 5 mm; flowers white-green.   9 G. geloniifolium
3 (1) Leaf blade margin with coarse spiny teeth   (4)
+ Leaf blade margin dentate, denticulate, serrate, or nearly entire   (5)
4 (3) Leaf blade obovate or elliptic, rarely narrowly elliptic, base broadly cuneate, petiole 2-6 mm.   6 G. ilicifolium
+ Leaf blade ovate or oblong-ovate, base cordate, clasping stem, sessile.   7 G. aquifolium
5 (3) Leaf blade leathery or thickly leathery, adaxial surface plane or when dry with large irregular bullations present   (6)
+ Leaf blade papery, thickly papery, or thinly leathery, adaxial surface smooth or rugose due to impressed nerves   (7)
6 (5) Capsule pallid, densely maculate, spots small, squarrulose; aril crimson.   4 G. longipedicellatum
+ Capsule brown or fulvous, rough with minute tubercles; aril yellow.   5 G. sclerocarpum
7 (5) Cymes 4-6 × ramified; peduncle 6-7 cm; petiole 10-20 mm; capsule pallid green, densely muricate, murications small.   2 G. longepedunculatum
+ Cymes 1-3 × ramified; peduncle 2-4 cm; petiole 5-12 mm; capsule pallid, maculate, macula squarrose   (8)
8 (7) Leaf blade oblong, oblong-ovate, or narrowly elliptic; lateral nerves 7-9 pairs.   1 G. feddei
+ Leaf blade narrowly oblong or oblong-lanceolate, rarely oblong-elliptic or narrowly obovate; lateral nerves 8-18 pairs.   3 G. rhytidophyllum

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