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39. Lagotis Gaertner, Novi Comment. Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. 14: 533. 1770.

兔耳草属 tu er cao shu

Gymnandra Pallas.

Herbs, perennial, fleshy, glabrous. Rhizomes stout. Lateral roots few to numerous. Stems 1 to numerous, or main stem inconspicuous, unbranched. Leaves mostly basal; petiole winged, base often dilated; leaf blade margin entire, serrate, or pinnately parted. Scapes 1 to numerous. Inflorescences narrowly spicate or capitate, densely flowered; bracts imbricate. Bracteoles absent. Calyx spathelike, lower side splitting to base, upper side lobed or splitting to base, membranous, margin ciliate. Corolla 2-lipped; lower lip 2-4-lobed; upper lip entire or 2-lobed. Stamens 2, inserted at corolla sinuses or filaments adnate to margin near base of upper lip and as long as lip or shorter; anthers mostly reniform. Ovary 2-loculed. Stigma capitate or 2-lobed. Fruit drupaceous. Seeds 1 or 2.

About 30 species: northern hemisphere; 17 species in China.

1 Plants without conspicuous main stem.   (2)
+ Plants with conspicuous erect stem.   (6)
2 (1) Plants stoloniferous; corolla 4-6 mm.   (3)
+ Plants not stoloniferous; corolla 6-10 mm.   (4)
3 (2) Root crown enclosed by fibrous remnants of old leaves; leaves entire   1 Lagotis brachystachya
+ Root crown without remnants of old leaves; leaves pinnately parted   2 Lagotis pharica
4 (2) Flowering stems not scapose; spikes elongated; rhizomes short   5 Lagotis decumbens
+ Flowering stems scapose; spikes ovoid; rhizomes long.   (5)
5 (4) Petioles and leaves abaxially purple-red; bracts to 1.5 cm, subleathery   3 Lagotis praecox
+ Petioles and leaves abaxially not purple-red; bracts ca. 0.8 cm, papery   4 Lagotis ramalana
6 (1) Corolla tube straight; style short.   (7)
+ Corolla tube slightly curved forward; style long.   (12)
7 (6) Leaf blade thin, papery; anther subsagittate.   (8)
+ Leaf blade thick, somewhat fleshy or subleathery; anther reniform.   (9)
8 (7) Stem leaves sessile, smaller than basal leaves; calyx at anthesis slightly longer than bract   10 Lagotis yunnanensis
+ Stem leaves short petiolate, as large as or slightly smaller than basal leaves; calyx at anthesis shorter than bract   11 Lagotis wardii
9 (7) Corolla tube longer than limb; inflorescences elongated to more than 1/2 stem length   6 Lagotis crassifolia
+ Corolla tube as long as or slightly shorter than limb; inflorescences mostly capitate, less than 1/2 stem length.   (10)
10 (9) Root crown often with remnants of old petioles; bracts suborbicular   7 Lagotis brevituba
+ Root crown without remnants of old petioles; bracts ovate, obovate, or ovate-lanceolate.   (11)
11 (10) Plants ca. 5 cm tall; stems usually erect   8 Lagotis humilis
+ Plants more than 6 cm tall; stems prostrate, diffuse or obliquely ascending   9 Lagotis alutacea
12 (6) Filaments adnate to base of upper corolla lip margin; style exserted.   (13)
+ Filaments inserted at corolla sinuses; style included or reaching mouth of corolla tube (slightly exserted in L. kongboensis).   (14)
13 (12) Root crown without remnants of old petioles; calyx ca. 2 X as long as bract above middle of inflorescence   12 Lagotis clarkei
+ Root crown usually with remnants of old petioles; calyx shorter than bract   13 Lagotis integrifolia
14 (12) Inflorescences subcapitate; bracts linear-oblanceolate to spatulate   14 Lagotis angustibracteata
+ Inflorescences elongated; bracts ovate, obovate, or ovate-lanceolate.   (15)
15 (14) Bract margin entire; basal leaf blade 4-11 cm, margin entire or sparsely and irregularly serrulate   17 Lagotis integra
+ Bract margin serrate; basal leaf blade 2-4.5 cm, margin coarsely or obtusely toothed.   (16)
16 (15) Corolla tube 2-3 X as long as limb   15 Lagotis macrosiphon
+ Corolla tube slightly longer than limb   16 Lagotis kongboensis

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