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53. LAUROCERASUS Duhamel, Traité Arbr. Arbust. 1: 345. 1755.

桂樱属 gui ying shu

Lu Lingdi (Lu Ling-ti); Bruce Bartholomew

Trees or shrubs, evergreen or very rarely deciduous. Branches unarmed. Stipules small, free or sometimes connate, soon caducous. Leaves simple, alternate, conduplicate when young, usually with 2 to rarely several nectaries on petiole, at base on leaf blade abaxial surface, or along leaf blade margin; leaf blade margin entire or serrate. Inflorescences axillary, usually racemose, rarely in a fascicle, very rarely paniculate, usually with more than 10 flowers; bracts small, soon caducous, basal ones usually sterile and with a tripartite or tridentate apex; bracteoles often absent. Flowers usually bisexual, sometimes male with ovary ± reduced. Hypanthium cup-shaped to campanulate. Sepals 5. Petals 5, white, longer than sepals. Stamens 10–50, in 2 whorls, inner ones shorter. Ovary superior, 1-loculed, glabrous or sometimes pubescent; ovules 2, collateral. Style terminal; stigma disc-shaped. Fruit a drupe; mesocarp succulent, not splitting when ripe; endocarp bony or woody, surface smooth or rugose.

About 80 species: Asia, Europe, New Guinea, North and South America; 13 species (six endemic) in China.

1 Leaf blade abaxially scatteredly purplish black or black punctate.   (2)
+ Leaf blade abaxially not scatteredly purplish black or black punctate.   (3)
2 (1) Leaf blade herbaceous to subleathery, apex long caudate, tertiary veins conspicuous on both surfaces; drupe subglobose to transversely ellipsoid, 8–10 mm in diam., wider than long; endocarp smooth.   1 L. phaeosticta
+ Leaf blade thickly leathery, apex acute to shortly acuminate, tertiary veins very inconspicuous to nearly invisible on both surfaces; drupe elongated ovoid-globose to ellipsoid, 6–8 mm in diam., longer than wide; endocarp slightly reticulately rugose.   2 L. fordiana
3 (1) Leaf blade abaxially densely pubescent.   (4)
+ Leaf blade abaxially glabrous.   (5)
4 (3) Petioles 6–10 mm, often with a pair of basal nectaries; leaf blade elliptic to elliptic-oblong, densely gray pubescent abaxially, margin ± densely coarsely serrate; drupe ovoid-oblong, 1–1.2 cm in diam., apex acute.   3 L. hypotricha
+ Petioles 10–15 mm, without nectaries; leaf blade ovate-oblong to oblong, densely yellowish pubescent abaxially, margin indistinctly shallowly obtusely serrate apically from middle; drupe broadly oblong, 1.4–1.7 cm in diam., apex obtuse.   4 L. menghaiensis
5 (3) Rachises and pedicels glabrous.   (6)
+ Rachises and pedicels pubescent.   (7)
6 (5) Leaf blade elliptic to oblong-lanceolate, margin entire or rarely with a few teeth apically from middle; racemes 5–10 cm; ovary pubescent; drupe ovoid-globose to ellipsoid, 1–1.6 cm.   5 L. undulata
+ Leaf blade oblong to ovate-oblong, margin sparsely and shallowly serrulate with minute teeth; racemes 2–5 cm; ovary glabrous; drupe globose to compressed globose, 0.7–1 cm.   6 L. andersonii
7 (5) Drupe 1.4–1.6 cm in diam.; endocarp thick and hard, surface prominently coarsely reticulately rugose.   7 L. jenkinsii
+ Drupe 0.6–1.1 cm in diam.; endocarp thin and fragile, surface smooth or slightly reticulately rugose.   (8)
8 (7) Drupe 1.8–2.4 cm; petiole 1–2 cm.   8 L. zippeliana
+ Drupe 0.8–1.4 cm; petiole 0.1–1 cm (rarely 1.5 cm in L. spinulosa).   (9)
9 (8) Leaf blade margin entire or sparsely acutely serrate, secondary veins indistinct.   (10)
+ Leaf blade margin undulate to serrate, secondary veins distinct.   (11)
10 (9) Leaf blade oblong to obovate-oblong, 5–7(–9) cm, base narrowly cuneate, apex acuminate; drupe ovoid-globose; endocarp thinly reticulately rugose.   12 L. marginata
+ Leaf blade elliptic to ovate-orbicular, 2–5(–6) cm, base broadly cuneate to rounded, apex obtuse; drupe subglobose; endocarp smooth.   13 L. aquifolioides
11 (9) Leaf blade elliptic; secondary veins 5–7 on either side of midvein.   11 L. australis
+ Leaf blade oblong to obovate-oblong; secondary veins 8–14 on either side of midvein.   (12)
12 (11) Leaf blade herbaceous to thinly leathery, margin usually undulate with few acicular teeth apically from middle or near apex, apex acuminate to caudate; drupe ellipsoid.   9 L. spinulosa
+ Leaf blade thickly leathery, margin not undulate but coarsely acutely serrate with teeth incurved, apex acute to shortly acuminate; drupe ovoid-globose.   10 L. dolichophylla

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