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46. Pternopetalum Franchet, Nouv. Arch. Mus. Hist. Nat., sér. 2. 8: 246. 1885.

囊瓣芹属 nang ban qin shu

Pu Fading (溥发鼎 Pu Fa-ting); Loy R. Phillippe

Cryptotaeniopsis Dunn.

Herbs, annual or perennial. Taproots fusiform. Stem erect. Basal leaves petiolate, sheaths ovate. Cauline leaves similar or heteromorphic to the basal, smaller or absent. Inflorescence branching or unbranched, branches bearing terminal umbels; bracts usually absent; rays 4–40, unequal, erect to ascending in flower, spreading widely and lengthening in fruit; bracteoles 1–4, linear-lanceolate, unequal; umbellules very few flowered, 2–3(–5)-flowered; pedicels extremely unequal. Calyx teeth evident triangular or subulate, subequal, sometimes obscure. Petals white or purplish, ovate or long-obovate, base attenuate and thickening near attachment, apex narrow, inflexed, rarely plane. Stylopodium either conic and long-tapering into elongate erect styles (styles usually twice as long as the stylopodium) or low-conic abruptly tapering into short, deflexed styles (shorter than or equal to the stylopodium). Fruit oblong-ovoid or ovoid, slightly laterally compressed, glabrous; ribs 5, denticulate, finely scabrid or filiform; vittae 1–3 in each furrow, 2–4 on the commissure. Seed face plane. Carpophore 2-parted or bifid.

About 25 species: E Asia, Himalayan region; 23 species (19 endemic) in China.

The following species have been described from Chinese material, but are imperfectly known as no specimens have been seen or the specimens are inadequate.

Pternopetalum asplenioides (H. de Boissieu) Handel-Mazzetti (Symb. Sin. 7: 718. 1933; Cryptotaeniopsis asplenioides H. de Boissieu, Bull. Herb. Boissier, sér. 2, 2: 807. 1902), described from Chongqing (Chengkou, P. G. Farges s.n., holotype, P).

Pternopetalum mairei (Diels ex H. Wolff) Handel-Mazzetti (Symb. Sin. 7: 719. 1933; Cryptotaeniopsis mairei Diels ex H. Wolff in Engler, Pflanzenr. 90(IV. 228): 180. 1927; Carum mairei (Diels ex H. Wolff) M. Hiroe), described from NE Yunnan (Dongchuan, 2600 m, E. E. Maire 3652, holotype, B).

1 Basal and cauline leaves homomorphic (or cauline leaves absent); fruit ribs denticulate or finely scabrid.   (2)
+ Basal and cauline leaves heteromorphic, rarely homomorphic (see. P. gracillimum, P. leptophyllum, P. subalpinum, and P. trichomanifolium); fruit ribs filiform.   (13)
2 (1) Leaves only basal, cauline leaves absent (occasionally 1); inflorescence unbranched.   (3)
+ Basal and cauline leaves present; inflorescence branched.   (4)
3 (2) Leaves 3-foliolate; fruit oblong-ovoid.   11 Pternopetalum nudicaule
+ Leaves 1-pinnate; fruit ovoid.   12 Pternopetalum delicatulum
4 (2) Styles short, stylopodium low-conic.   (5)
+ Styles elongate, stylopodium conic.   (6)
5 (4) Leaves 3-foliolate; bracts and bracteoles absent.   9 Pternopetalum trifoliatum
+ Leaves 2–3-ternate; bracts 2–3; bracteoles 2–3.   10 Pternopetalum sinense
6 (4) Cauline leaves 1–2; umbellules usually 2-flowered.   (7)
+ Cauline leaves 3–5; umbellules 2–3(–5)-flowered.   (9)
7 (6) Leaf blades abaxially pale green; umbellules usually with only one flower fertile.   8 Pternopetalum yiliangense
+ Leaf blades abaxially slightly glaucous; umbellules 2-flowered and all fertile.   (8)
8 (7) Leaf blades subleathery, veins and margins cartilaginous, sparsely setose; fruit ovoid.   6 Pternopetalum cartilagineum
+ Leaf blades membranous, veins and margins not cartilaginous, glabrous; fruit ovoid or oblong-ovoid.   7 Pternopetalum molle
9 (6) Leaves 1–2-ternate or ternate-1-pinnate; fruit ribs finely scabrid.   (10)
+ Leaves 1–2-ternate; fruit ribs denticulate.   (11)
10 (9) Leaves 1–2-ternate, margins double serrate.   4 Pternopetalum rosthornii
+ Leaves ternate-1-pinnate, margins crenate.   5 Pternopetalum botrychioides
11 (9) Leaves 2-ternate; petals white; vittae 1 in each furrow.   3 Pternopetalum davidii
+ Leaves ternate; petals purplish; vittae 1–3 in each furrow.   (12)
12 (11) Lateral leaflets undivided; fruit ovoid.   1 Pternopetalum wolffianum
+ Lateral leaflets 2–3-lobed; fruit oblong-ovoid or ovoid.   2 Pternopetalum vulgare
13 (1) Basal and cauline leaves homogeneous.   (14)
+ Basal and cauline leaves heteromorphic.   (17)
14 (13) Leaves 1–2-pinnate, ultimate segments ovate or ovate-lanceolate; styles short.   (15)
+ Leaves ternate-2–4-pinnate, highly dissected, ultimate segments linear; styles short or elongate.   (16)
15 (14) Leaves 1-pinnate, pinnae broadly ovate; rays 5–9; petals purplish.   20 Pternopetalum subalpinum
+ Leaves 2-pinnate, pinnae ovate-lanceolate; rays 6–25; petals white.   21 Pternopetalum leptophyllum
16 (14) Calyx teeth minute; styles short; both mericarps developing in fruit.   22 Pternopetalum gracillimum
+ Calyx teeth conspicuous; styles elongate; only one mericarp developing in fruit.   23 Pternopetalum trichomanifolium
17 (13) Stems profusely branched and caespitose; umbels numerous, terminal on the branches.   19 Pternopetalum caespitosum
+ Stems sparsely branched or unbranched; umbels terminal, a few lateral.   (18)
18 (17) Stems 3–5-branched; umbellules 3–4-flowered; vittae 1–3 in each furrow.   (19)
+ Stems 1–2-branched; umbellules 2(–3)-flowered; vittae 1–2 in each furrow.   (21)
19 (18) Stems 1–2; basal leaves absent; styles shorter than stylopodium; fruit ovoid.   15 Pternopetalum longicaule
+ Stem solitary; basal leaves present; styles nearly as long as or longer than the stylopodium; fruit oblong-ovoid or ovoid.   (20)
20 (19) Petals white; styles elongate; fruit oblong-ovoid.   13 Pternopetalum delavayi
+ Petals purplish; styles as long as the stylopodium; fruit ovoid.   14 Pternopetalum cardiocarpum
21 (18) Calyx teeth conspicuous, triangular or subulate; styles elongate, longer than stylopodium; fruit ovoid.   16 Pternopetalum heterophyllum
+ Calyx teeth obscure or minute; styles shorter than stylopodium; fruit oblong-ovoid.   (22)
22 (21) Rhizomes nodes not tuberculate; fruit ca. 3 × 1 mm.   17 Pternopetalum filicinum
+ Rhizomes nodes tuberculate; fruit 2–2.5 × 1–2 mm.   18 Pternopetalum tanakae

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