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23. Syndiclis J. D. Hooker, Hooker’s Icon. Pl. 16: ad t. 1515. 1886.

油果樟属 you guo zhang shu

Authors: Xi-wen Li, Jie Li & Henk van der Werff

Evergreen trees. Leaves subopposite or alternate, or clustered at apex of branchlet, pinninerved. Panicle axillary, pedunculate, bracteate or ebracteate; bracts and bracteoles subulate, minute, caducous. Flowers minute, bisexual, pedicellate, 2-merous. Perianth tube obconical; perianth lobes 4(or 5 or 6), broadly ovate-triangular or transversely oblong, small; perianth wholly deciduous. Fertile stamens 4(or 5 or 6), antitepalous, always exserted, hairy and glandular; filaments short; anthers broadly ovate, dilated, 2-celled or fused into 1 cell; cells introrse. Staminodes 4, minute, linear or lanceolate, densely hairy, enveloping ovary in an arc when in bud. Ovary ovoid-conical, glabrous, attenuate at apex into a style; stigma small. Fruit large, turbinate or oblate or globose; peduncle and pedicel indistinctive when in fruit, all thickened after anthesis.

About ten species: Bhutan, China; nine species (all endemic) in China.

Plants of Syndiclis have large oily fruits. The oil is edible and is also used in industry.

1 Young current year branchlets, leaves, and petioles all glabrous or glabrate   (2)
+ Young current year branchlets, leaves, and petioles all ± rusty pubescent   (4)
2 (1) Panicle conspicuously with small leaves so whole inflorescence like a floral branchlet of 1.5-4 cm; pedicels short, 1-2 mm.   7 S. sichourensis
+ Panicle not with small leaves; pedicels slender, more than 2 mm   (3)
3 (2) Leaf blade elliptic to ovate-elliptic, 10-13 × 5-7 cm, glaucous abaxially, apex abruptly shortly acuminate with obtuse acumen up to 2 cm, base cuneate to rounded and subequal on both sides, margin revolute and undulate, lateral veins usually ca. 6 pairs; panicle (2.5-)3-6.5 cm, generally solitary but always collaterally 2 or 3; perianth glabrous on both surfaces.   8 S. kwangsiensis
+ Leaf blade ovate-elliptic, 6.5-11.5 × 2.7-6.3 cm, not glaucous abaxially, apex shortly acuminate but always obtuse or emarginate, base broadly cuneate, margin revolute but not undulate, lateral veins 3-5 pairs; panicle 2-4 cm, solitary; perianth glabrous outside, yellowish brown puberulent inside.   9 S. pingbienensis
4 (1) Fruits rugose when dry, densely rusty brown scurfy.   1 S. furfuracea
+ Fruits smooth when dry, not scurfy   (5)
5 (4) Leaf blade conspicuously large, midrib, lateral veins, and transverse veins conspicuously elevated abaxially, very impressed adaxially, lateral veins 5-7 pairs.   2 S. marlipoensis
+ Leaf blade smaller, midrib and lateral veins elevated abaxially, impressed adaxially, but transverse veins always opaque and inconspicuous adaxially   (6)
6 (5) Fruit turbinate, contracted into a short stalk at base.   3 S. chinensis
+ Fruit globose or suboblate, not contracted into a short stalk at base   (7)
7 (6) Panicle very short, 0.9-1.2 cm; fruit subglobose, subtruncate at apex; leaf blade not foveolate.   4 S. fooningensis
+ Panicle more elongate, 2-3.5(-4) cm; fruit globose, rounded or apiculate at apex; leaf blade foveolate on both surfaces   (8)
8 (7) Leaf blade glabrous adaxially, sparsely pubescent abaxially; petiole rusty tomentose; lateral veins 4-7 pairs, lateral veins and midrib impressed adaxially, conspicuously elevated abaxially; fruit ca. 4 cm in diam., apiculate, fruit stalk elongate, ca. 4 mm.   5 S. lotungensis
+ Both surfaces of leaf blade as well as petiole sparsely yellowish brown puberulent when young but glabrate when mature; lateral veins ca. 5 pairs, lateral veins and midrib elevated on both surfaces; fruit up to 5.5 cm in diam., fruit stalk robust, ca. 1.5 cm.   6 S. anlungensis

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