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195. Aconitum jeholense Nakai & Kitagawa, Rep. Exped. Manchoukuo Sect. IV, Pt. 2, Contr. Cogn. Fl. Manshuricae. 1: 24. 1934.

热河乌头 re he wu tou

Caudex elliptic or obconical, ca. 1--5 cm, 4--10 mm in diam. Stem 20--120 cm tall, glabrous, sparsely retrorse pubescent, or subglabrous. Proximal cauline leaves withered at anthesis, long petiolate; petiole 1.5--9 cm; leaf blade suborbicular, 3--9 × 3--12 cm, both surfaces glabrous, 3-sect; segments dissected, ultimate lobes narrowly linear or linear, 1--2 mm wide. Inflorescence terminal, 2--40 cm, 2--35-flowered, rarely a solitary flower; rachis and pedicels glabrous, sparsely retrorse pubescent, or subglabrous; proximal bracts leaflike, distal ones linear. Pedicels 4--15 mm, distally with 2 bracteoles; bracteoles subulate. Sepals blue-purple, abaxially glabrous; lower sepals long elliptic, 6--12 × 3--5 mm, adaxially pilose; lateral sepals broadly obovate or suborbicular, 1--1.5 cm, adaxially pilose; upper sepal navicular or navicular-galeate, ca. 1.5 cm high, lower margin 1--1.5 cm. Petals glabrous; spur slightly curved; lip 2-lobed at apex. Stamens sparsely pilose; filaments 2-denticulate. Carpels 3, or 3--5, glabrous. Follicles elliptic, ca. 1 cm. Seeds oblong, ca. 3.5 mm. Fl. Aug, fr. Sep.

Grassy slopes, forests, forest margins, grasslands; 1700--3000 m. Hebei, Nei Mongol, Shandong, Shanxi [Russia (E Siberia)].

1 Caudex ellipsoid, ca. 1 cm, ca. 4 mm in diam.; stem 20--50 cm tall, glabrous; leaf blade 3--5 × 3--5 cm; inflorescence 2--8 cm, 2--7-flowered, rachis and pedicels glabrous; upper sepal navicular; carpels 3   195a var. jeholense
+ Caudex obconical, 2--5 cm, 5--10 mm in diam.; stem 70--120 cm tall, sparsely retrorse pubescent or subglabrous; leaf blade 4--9 × 6--12 cm; inflorescence 10--40 cm, 10--35-flowered, rachis and pedicels sparsely retrorse pubescent or subglabrous; upper sepal navicular-galeate; carpels 3--5   195b var. angustius


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