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54. Aster homochlamydeus Handel-Mazzetti, Symb. Sin. 7: 1091. 1936.

等苞紫菀 deng bao zi wan

Aster ageratoides Turczaninow var. grossedentatus (Thunberg ex Diels) Kitamura; A. trinervius Roxburgh ex D. Don var. grossedentatus Thunberg ex Diels (Sep 1912); A. trinervius var. grossedentatus Franchet ex Diels (Oct 1912).

Herbs, perennial, 20-50 cm tall, sometimes caespitose; rhizomes long, slender. Stems erect, simple, finely striate, sparsely to moderately strigillose proximally, minutely stipitate glandular below leaves. Leaves cauline, gradually reduced upward, abaxially pale green, adaxially green, abaxially glabrous, veins strigillose to scabridulous, adaxially densely scabridulous, both surfaces sparsely minutely stipitate glandular in pits, more so apically, margin ciliate, midvein prominent abaxially, apex acuminate, mucronate; lowest leaves withered by anthesis, narrowly winged petiolate (petiole 0.5-10 cm); blade ovate, 1-2.5 cm, base attenuate, margin coarsely serrate; lower to upper leaves narrowly to very broadly petiolate; blade ovate to lanceolate, 5-10 × 1.5-4 cm, base cuneate-rounded to rounded, sometimes auriculate, sometimes clasping, margin coarsely serrate; synflorescence leaves sessile, lanceolate, 2-7 × 0.5-2 cm, base cuneate to rounded, margin 1-5-serrate. Capitula 1-10 in terminal corymbiform synflorescences; peduncles 10-90 mm, strigillose; bracts lanceolate, entire. Involucres campanulate, 5-8 mm; phyllaries 2- or 3-seriate, subequal, often squarrose, oblanceolate, abaxially sparsely to moderately villous-strigillose, sparsely minutely stipitate glandular, leaflike and green distally, margin erose, sparsely ciliate, midvein more pronounced distally, ± translucent, apex acuminate, sometimes purplish, sparsely ciliate; outer phyllaries 6-8 × ca. 1.5 mm, margin narrowly scarious; inner phyllaries 5-9 × ca. 2 mm, base ± hardened, margin broadly scarious. Ray florets 10-14, white or purple, lamina 10-15 × 2-3 mm, glabrous, eglandular; disk florets yellow, 4-5 mm, tube base flared, tube and limb glabrous, eglandular, limb campanulate, ca. 3 mm, lobes spreading, narrowly triangular, ca. 2 mm, sparsely strigose apically, eglandular. Achenes mottled purple, oblong, slightly compressed, 4-5 mm, sparsely strigillose, more densely so distally, eglandular, 4-ribbed (± translucent). Pappus 3-seriate, ± reddish; outermost bristles few, slender, 0.4-0.8 mm; inner bristles 2.5-3 mm, acute; innermost bristles 3.5-4 mm, slightly clavate. Fl. Apr-Aug, fr. Jul-Sep.

● Alpine and subalpine mixed forests; 3000-3700 m. S Gansu, SW Sichuan, NW Yunnan.


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