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大翅蓟群 da chi ji qun

Authors: Zhu Shi & Werner Greuter

Herbs, biennial or perennial. Capitula homogamous, bisexual. Phyllaries pointed, often ending in a straight or recurved spine. Receptacle densely covered with bristles or naked and alveolate. Florets bisexual. Corolla ± actinomorphic. Stamen filaments distinct, glabrous or papillose. Style branches coherent for most of their length. Achene glabrous; apical rim sometimes inconspicuous but usually forming a low to prominent ± denticulate (rarely entire) crown; apical plate flat or with a conic to rarely cylindric sclerenchymatous non-oleaginous body. Pappus of scabrid, barbellate, or plumose bristles basally connate into a ring, falling off together, rarely with an inner row of narrow scales.

Nine genera and ca. 90 species: N Africa, Asia, Europe; seven genera (one endemic) and 17 species (five endemic) in China.

1 Receptacle naked and alveolate.   31 Onopordum
+ Receptacle covered with bristles   (2)
2 (1) Outer pappus of filiform bristles and inner pappus of narrow scales ending in a barbellate subulate tip.   30 Syreitschikovia
+ Pappus (when present) of bristles only   (3)
3 (2) Pappus bristles plumose.   32 Ancathia
+ Pappus bristles scabrid or barbellate   (4)
4 (3) Corolla yellow   (5)
+ Corolla purple, red, blue, or rarely white   (6)
5 (4) Plants stemless; capitula basal, shortly pedunculate, in center of leaf rosette.   29 Xanthopappus
+ Plants caulescent; capitula terminal on stem and branches.   27 Alfredia
6 (4) Basal and lower cauline leaves heart-shaped to triangular-sagittate, undivided.   26 Synurus
+ Basal and lower cauline leaves linear to elliptic, ± deeply pinnately divided.   28 Olgaea

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