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2. Antidesma acidum Retzius, Observ. Bot. 5: 30. 1789.

西南五月茶 xi nan wu yue cha

Antidesma diandrum (Roxburgh) Roth; A. lanceolarium (Roxburgh) Wallich; A. wallichianum C. Presl; Stilago diandra Roxburgh; S. lanceolaria Roxburgh.

Shrubs or treelets, up to 6(-10) m tall; young twigs pubescent. Stipules linear, 3-8 × 1-2 mm, pubescent; petiole 2-7(-10) mm, pubescent; leaf blade obovate to elliptic-oblong, (2-)5-10(-21) × (1.5-)2.5-4(-9) cm, papery, glabrous or rarely pilose adaxially, pubescent and rarely glabrous abaxially, dull, drying yellowish green, base acute to obtuse, rarely attenuate, apex rounded to acute or acuminate, sometimes mucronate; domatia present; midvein flat to impressed adaxially, lateral veins 4-9 pairs, tertiary veins reticulate. Inflorescences terminal to axillary, axes glabrous to pubescent, simple to branched twice at base, males 5-14 cm, females and fruiting 2-9 cm. Male flowers: pedicels 1-1.5 mm; calyx ca. 0.5 mm, cupular to globose, (3 or)4-lobed, divided for ca. 1/3, glabrous outside, pubescent inside with hairs often exceeding beyond calyx, margin erose, apex mainly rounded; disk cushion-shaped or annular and lobed between stamens, pubescent; stamens (1 or)2(or 3), 1.5-2 mm; rudimentary ovary terete or absent. Female flowers: pedicels 0.2-1.5 mm, 1.5-4 mm in fruit; calyx ca. 1 mm, cupular to nearly urceolate, 4- or 5-lobed, otherwise as in male; disk glabrous outside, glabrous to pilose inside; ovary glabrous; stigmas 3 or 4. Drupes ellipsoid, nearly terete to laterally compressed, 4-6 × 3-4 mm, glabrous; style terminal to slightly subterminal. Fl. May-Jul, fr. Jun-Nov. x = 13.

Open forests; 100-1500 m. Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan [Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India (including Andaman and Nicobar Islands), Indonesia (Java), Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam].

In the southern part of the distribution range, pistillodes are always absent from the male flowers.


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