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1. Davallia denticulata (N. L. Burman) Mettenius ex Kuhn, Filic. Decken. 27. 1867.

假脉骨碎补 jia mai gu sui bu

Adiantum denticulatum N. L. Burman, Fl. Indica, 236. 1768; Davallia bidentata Schkuhr; D. brevisora Ching; D. chaerophylloides (Poiret) Steudel; D. elegans Swartz; D. elegans var. bidentata (Schkuhr) Hooker; D. elegans var. coniifolia Hooker; D. elegans var. edentula Hooker; D. elegans var. polydactyla T. Moore; D. elegans var. pulchra Hooker; D. elegans var. subunidentata Hooker; D. impressa Copeland; D. patens Swartz; Humata chaerophylloides (Poiret) Desvaux; H. elata (G. Forster) Desvaux; H. elegans (Swartz) Desvaux; H. patens (Swartz) Desvaux; Parestia elata (G. Forster) C. Presl; P. elegans (Swartz) C. Presl; Trichomanes chaerophylloides Poiret; T. denticulatum (N. L. Burman) Houttuyn; T. elatum G. Forster; T. elegans (Swartz) Poiret (1808), not Richard (1792), nor Rudge (1805); T. lucidum Roxburgh; Wibelia chaerophylloides (Poiret) M. Kato & Tsutsumi; W. denticulata (N. L. Burman) M. Kato & Tsutsumi; W. elata (G. Forster) Bernhardi.

Rhizome 3-15 mm in diam. (without scales), not white waxy. Scales red-brown or nearly black, with pale border from base to apex or without pale border, narrowed evenly toward apex or flat and nearly acicular, narrowed abruptly from a broad base, often curling backward, peltate, 4-8 × 0.5-1.5 mm, without multiseptate hairs, toothed. Stipe pale, adaxially grooved, 4-50 cm, glabrous or with few scales; lamina compound, bipinnate or quadripinnate toward base and in middle part, deltoid and broadest toward base, 16-90 × 13-50 cm, glabrous, not or slightly dimorphic. Longest petiolules 4-35 mm; pinnae deltoid; longest pinnae 8-45 × 5-30 cm; pinnules of at least larger pinnae anadromous, deltoid; longest pinnules 70-200 × 40-110 mm; ultimate pinnae linear-oblong or narrowly ovate, lobed almost to midrib or only shallowly lobed; ultimate segments 5-27 × 2-6 mm. Rachises and costae glabrous. Margins of each pinna not thickened. Veins in sterile ultimate lobes pinnate (or forked in very narrow lobes), reaching margin; false veins present. Sori separate, several per segment, at forking point of veins; indusium also attached along sides, pouch-shaped, oblong, longer than wide or ± as wide as long, 1-1.3 × 0.5-1 mm, upper margin not elongated, truncate or slightly rounded, separated from or even with lamina margin; lamina generally extending into a tooth at both sides of a sorus.

Epiphytic on many different species of trees and in different types of forests including mangrove or on solitary trees, epilithic on granite, limestone, or sandstone, terrestrial on different kinds of soil; sea level to 2200 m. Hainan [Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam; Africa, Australia, Indian Ocean islands, Pacific islands].

Only the typical variety (Davallia denticulata var. denticulata) occurs in China.

Davallia brevisora is a form with the false veins absent or inconspicuous.


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