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1. Glaphyropteridopsis erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) Ching, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 8: 320. 1963.

方杆蕨 fang gan jue

Polypodium erubescens Wallich ex Hooker, Sp. Fil. 4: 236. 1862; Asplenium distans D. Don var. cadieri Christ; Cyclosorus erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) C. M. Kuo; Dryopteris braineoides (Baker) C. Christensen; D. erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) C. Christensen; D. reflexa Ching; Glaphyropteris erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) Fée; Lastrea erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) Copeland; Nephrodium braineoides (Baker) Diels; N. erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) Diels; Phegopteris erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) J. Smith; Polypodium braineoides Baker; Thelypteris erubescens (Wallich ex Hooker) Ching.

Plants 2-3 m tall or more. Rhizomes stout, decumbent, woody and glabrous. Fronds clustered; stipes 1-2 m, thicker than 1 cm, ribbed, throughout glabrous, stramineous and often reddish; laminae 100-200 × 25-50 cm, not tapering to bases, pinnate-pinnatifid or subbipinnate, acuminate and pinnatifid at apices; pinnae 40-50 pairs per frond, opposite, sessile, proximal several pairs strongly oblique distally, bases tapering; middle pinnae spreading, linear, (10-)20-30 or more × (1.5-)2.5-4 cm, bases truncate and close to costae, pinnatifid nearly to both lateral narrow wings of costae, apices acuminate; segments many (ca. 50 pairs), pectinately arranged, spreading, linear-lanceolate, slightly falcate, 1.4-2 × ca. 0.4 cm, slightly broadened to bases, entire, separated by narrow sinuses, pointed at apices. Veins evident, costae grooved adaxially, pubescent, abaxially rounded and raised, glabrous or sometimes sparsely hairy, veinlets 12-23 pairs per segment, simple, proximal pair arising from base of costules and reaching both sides of rounded sinuses. Laminae papery, when dry greenish or yellowish green, pinnae glabrous adaxially, with 1 or 2 acicular hairs along margins, or sparsely hairy abaxially; rachises rectangular abaxially, flat, stramineous or reddish, with grayish white acicular hairs when young and then deciduous. Sori orbicular, 10-15 pairs per segment, attached at bases of veinlets, close to both sides of costules and in 1 row on each side, confluent into lines when mature, exindusiate. Sporangia glabrous.

Forests in ravines of low mountains; 800-2000 m. Guizhou, Sichuan, Taiwan, Yunnan [Bhutan, N India, S Japan, Kashmir, N Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, N Vietnam].

"Glaphyropteridopsis erubescens var. mollis" (Ching, Vasc. Pl. Hengduan Mount. 1: 97. 1993) was not validly published because no Latin description or diagnosis, or reference to such, was provided and no type was indicated (Melbourne Code, Art. 39.1 and 40.1). The name "Christella erubescens" (H. Léveillé, Fl. Kouy-Tchéou, 474-476. 1915) belongs here but is a nomen nudum and was not therefore validly published (Art. 38.1(a)).

Thelypteris ×erubesquirolica W. C. Shieh & J. L. Tsai (J. Sci. Engin. 24: 7. 1987), described from Taiwan (Nantou), appears to be a presumed hybrid between Glaphyropteridopsis erubescens and Pseudocyclosorus esquirolii.


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