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26. Wendlandia scabra Kurz, J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt. 2, Nat. Hist. 41: 310. 1872.

粗叶水锦树 cu ye shui jin shu

Shrubs or trees, 1-12 m tall; branches terete to quadrangular, densely brown hirtellous to -tomentose. Leaves opposite; petiole 0.5-2.7 cm, densely brown tomentulose to -hirtellous; blade drying papery or leathery, elliptic-obovate, elliptic, or ovate, 6.5-18 × 2.8-9 cm, adaxially sparsely to moderately scaberulous on lamina and densely strigillose to tomentulose on principal veins, abaxially sparsely to densely strigillose, pilosulous, hirtellous, strigose, or pilose, base obtuse, acute, or rounded, apex acute or acuminate; secondary veins 6-10 pairs; stipules generally persistent, spatulate to pandurate, 5-6 mm, strigillose or tomentulose to glabrescent, apex spreading, obtuse. Inflorescences paniculate, pyramidal, 20-30 × 20-25 cm, branched to 2 or 3 orders, erect and congested (var. scabra, var. pilifera) or pendulous and lax (var. dependens), densely hirtellous to tomentose, pedunculate; peduncle ca. 4 cm; bracts linear, 1-2.5 mm. Flowers sessile or subsessile. Calyx densely hirtellous; hypanthium portion turbinate to ellipsoid, ca. 0.5 mm; limb deeply lobed; lobes triangular, 0.5-0.8 mm. Corolla white, tubular-funnelform, glabrous outside or pubescent on lobes (var. pilifera); tubes 2.5-3 mm, inside glabrous or sparsely pubescent in lower part (var. scabra, var. dependens) or white villous or hispid in upper part (var. pilifera); lobes oblong, 1-1.25 mm. Anthers elliptic, 0.75-1 mm, subsessile, partially exserted. Stigma 2-lobed, ca. 0.7 mm. Capsules subglobose, ca. 2 mm in diam., hirsute. Fl. Mar-May, fr. May-Jul.

Forests or thickets on mountains; 100-1800 m. Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan [Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam].

The application of this name and the report of this species seem to be based on Cowan’s incorporation of Kurz’s report into his treatment and may deserve re-evaluation.

1 Leaves densely strigillose or scaberulous adaxially, densely tomentulose abaxially.   26c var. scabra
+ Leaves glabrescent adaxially, sparsely strigose or pilose abaxially   (2)
2 (1) Leaves sparsely strigose abaxially; inflorescences lax, pendulous; corolla tubes inside glabrous or pubescent near middle.   26a var. dependens
+ Leaves pilose abaxially; inflorescences compact, erect; corolla tubes inside white villous or hispid in upper part.   26b var. pilifera

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