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215. Corydalis gaoxinfeniae Lidén, Fl. China. 7: 376. 2008.

柄苞黄堇 bing bao huang jin

Type: China. Sichuan: Maoxian, Nanxin Zhen, Anxiang Cun, Dacaoping, alpine meadow, alt. 3530 m, 27 Jun 2003, X. F. Gao, Y. L. Peng & H. L. Zhao 5445 (holotype, CDBI).

Herba perennis caulibus et foliis radicalibus basi attenuatis, radicibus fasciculatis fusiformibus. Caulis suberectus superne bi- vel trifoliatus. Folia radicalia ignota. Folia caulina petiolata trifoliolata vel pinnata, foliolis integris vel profunde bi- vel tripartitis lobis lineari-oblongis vel lanceolatis. Racemus multiflorus. Bracteae breviter petiolatae subrhombeae, post anthesin valde reflexae. Pedicelli breves fructiferi reflexi. Sepala minuta. Corolla lutea, petalis exterioribus latis apice abrupte acutis et late cristatis, cristis apices petalorum valde superantibus, calcari tenue leviter arcuato, petalo infimo saccato.

Paratypes: M. Lidén & S. X. Yu 2006-21 (PE, UPS).

Herbs, perennial, 20-45 cm tall, glabrous to usually finely papillose-hairy; stems and petioles of radical leaves attenuate to filiform underground base. Storage roots densely fascicled, spindle-shaped, 10-15 × 2-4 mm, sessile. Stems suberect, very slender, with 2 or 3 leaves in upper 1/3. Radical leaves not seen. Cauline leaves: petiole 1-4 cm; blade glaucous adaxially and more so abaxially, thin, ternate to pinnate with 1 or 2 pairs of entire or deeply 2- or 3-fid pinnae, often decurrent on petiole; lobes linear-oblong to lanceolate, 3-5 × 0.3-0.9 cm. Racemes 10-20-flowered; bracts sharply reflexed in fruit, 7-15(-20) mm with distinct petiole 2-3 mm, lower broadly rhombic-acuminate, upper narrowly oblanceolate, entire or lower with 1 or 2 coarse teeth. Pedicel ca. 5 mm, to 10 mm and reflexed in fruit. Sepals minute or lacking. Corolla pure yellow, sometimes with darker veins, apex of outer petals greenish; outer petals broadly spreading at base, abruptly narrowed to acute apex, with ca. 2 mm wide, obtuse, entire or slightly dentate crest overtopping apex; upper petal 17-18 mm; spur slightly downcurved, ca. 8 mm, thin, tapering; nectary very thin, ca. 1/2 as long as spur; lower petal broadly saccate in lower 1/3, limb reflexed; inner petals 8-9 mm. Stigma with marginal papillae: median 2 distinct, lateral broad and indistinct; geminate papillae lateral (submarginal) and on basal lobes. Capsule oblong-obovoid, 11-12 × ca. 3 mm, ca. 14-seeded. Seeds (immature) ca. 1.2 mm; elaiosome small. Fl. Jun-Aug, fr. Aug.

● Subalpine meadows, among shrubs in clearings; 3100-3600 m. Sichuan (Maoxian).

Corydalis gaoxinfeniae belongs in the C. pseudocristata group, as shown by the sharply reflexed stalked entire bracts and conspicuously saccate lower petal, but it differs from related species in the short slender spur and very broad rounded crests of the outer petals.

The specific epithet is named for one of the collectors, Gao Xinfen (高信芬), of the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


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