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4. Leptodermis coriaceifolia Tao Chen, Fl. China. 19: 200. 2011.

革叶野丁香 ge ye ye ding xiang

Type: China. Yunnan: Xichou Xian (西畴县) ["Si-chour-hsien"], Fadou (法斗) ["Faa-doou"], 1500 m, in open thickets on rock hill, 26 Sep 1947, K. M. Feng 12065 (holotype, A; isotypes, IBSC, KUN).

Haec species Leptodermidi vestitae Hemsley similis, sed ab ea folii lamina ovata vel late lanceolata crassa in sicco coriacea ac abaxialiter albida vel pallide lutea, venis lateralibus abaxialiter indistinctis vel parum prominentibus, venulis adaxialiter plerumque distinctis abaxialiter indistinctis, pedunculo hirsuto vel glabrescente, pedicellis dense hirsutis, bracteolis crassiusculis plerumque non hyalinis margine prope apicem conspicue ciliato, corolla extus sparsim minuteque hirsuta trichomatibus sparsis longioribus prope alabastri apicem atque stylo 3- usque 5-lobato differt.

Shrubs to 1.2(-3) m tall. Stems dark brown, glabrescent, lenticellate; branches many, young branches pale yellow when dry, with 2 bands of sparse hairs decurrent from stipules; bark gray, fissured and peeling off when old. Leaves decussate; petiole short, to 0.7 mm, sparsely hairy to glabrous; blade dark green adaxially, whitish or pale yellow abaxially when dry, ovate to broadly lanceolate, 1-6 × 0.5-2.5 cm, thick, leathery when dry, glabrous on both surfaces or sparsely hairy along midvein, base attenuate, cuneate, margins sparsely hairy, apex acuminate to acute; midvein impressed adaxially, prominent abaxially, lateral veins distinct adaxially, indistinct or slightly prominent abaxially, with 4-8 veins per side, veinlets usually distinct adaxially, indistinct abaxially; stipules rigid, broadly triangular, ca. 1 mm, hairy abaxially, cuspidate, mucronate at apex. Inflorescences terminal on new shoots with all upper nodes bearing 2-4 lateral shoots with axillary and terminal clusters of cymules 3-9-flowered, forming a narrow thyrse with an elongate central axis and short lateral branches; peduncle hairy or glabrescent; bracts of cymules ligulate or leaflike, 1-4.5 mm or longer, with a midvein slightly prominent abaxially, margins hairy, apex acuminate to acute. Flowers heterostylous, subsessile or shortly pedicellate; pedicel densely hairy; bracteole pairs rigid, slightly thick, usually not transparent, obovate, ca. 3 mm, longer than or subequal to calyx at anthesis, connate for ca. 3/4 length, few veined, minutely short and sparsely hairy abaxially, margins conspicuously ciliate near apex, apex acute to obtuse, shortly mucronulate. Calyx tube absent; lobes 5, ovate, ca. 1 mm, margins long ciliate, apex acute. Corolla purplish white; tube narrowly funnelform, ca. 10 mm, outside sparsely minutely hairy, with sparse longer hairs near apex of flower buds, inside villous above middle of tube; lobes 5, ovate-oblong, ca. 3 mm, veined, lower part with thinner margins, upper part triangular, apex shortly acuminate, hooked. Long-styled flower: stamens inserted at throat ca. 1.5 mm from sinus, filaments attached to lower 1/3 of anthers, free part shorter than lower portion of anthers, anthers ca. 1.5 mm, introrse; style ca. 12 mm, glabrous, 3(-5)-lobed, lobes ca. 1 mm, papillose. Capsule ca. 6 mm; seeds with reticulate aril free from testa. Fl. Sep-Oct, fr. Nov-Dec.

Open thickets on limestone hills; 300-1700 m. Guangxi, Yunnan [Vietnam].


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