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5. Acer sect. Macrantha Pax, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 6: 328. 1885.

大花枫组 da hua feng zu

Trees or shrubs, deciduous, andromonoecious, but apparently androdioecious. Bark striped. Leaves undivided or 3- or 5(or 7)-lobed, margin usually serrate. Bud stalked, scales 2-paired. Inflorescence racemose, terminal and axillary. Flowers 5-merous; perianth green-yellow or reddish; stamens 8, disk intrastaminal.

Eighteen species: China, Himalayas, Japan, E Russia; North America; 13 species (seven endemic) in China.

1 Inflorescences paniculate-racemose, with conspicuous bracts; sepals of flowers reflexed and linear-oblong; leaves 3-lobed, abaxially rufous pilose at primary vein axils.   71 A. wardii
+ Inflorescences racemose, without bracts; sepals of flowers spreading and oblong; leaves unlobed or 3- or 5-lobed, abaxially glabrous to pubescent   (2)
2 (1) Leaves ovate or oblong-ovate, unlobed or 3-lobed   (3)
+ Leaves ovate, usually 3- or 5-lobed or occasionally not lobed   (5)
3 (2) Inflorescence 40-50-flowered.   63 A. sikkimense
+ Inflorescence 10-30-flowered   (4)
4 (3) Leaves acuminate, margin crenate-serrate, abaxially rufous tomentose on veins at least when young; inflorescence 20-30-flowered; widely distributed in China.   62 A. davidii
+ Leaves caudate-acuminate, margin nearly entire or closely serrulate, abaxially glabrous; inflorescence 10-15-flowered; restricted to Taiwan.   64 A. caudatifolium
5 (2) Leaves usually deeply 5-lobed, rarely 3-lobed, lateral lobes as large and long as central lobe   (6)
+ Leaves usually 3-lobed or shallowly 5-lobed, lateral lobes distinctly smaller and shorter than central lobe   (8)
6 (5) Leaves abaxially ± pubescent on veins.   68 A. pectinatum
+ Leaves abaxially glabrous   (7)
7 (6) Middle lobe apically acuminate or caudate-acuminate, lateral lobes apically acuminate, basal lobes apically acute or obtuse, sinuses acute, reaching to 1/3 width of blade; margin doubly serrate.   73 A. komarovii
+ Middle and lateral lobes apically acuminate, basal lobes apically acute, sinuses deeply narrowly acuminate, reaching to 2/3 or 4/5 width of blade; margin sharply serrulate.   74 A. maximowiczii
8 (5) Leaves oblong to ovate, usually much longer than broad   (9)
+ Leaves orbicular-ovate, nearly as broad as long   (11)
9 (8) Leaf lateral lobes in upper part; inflorescence 15-40-flowered.   69 A. chienii
+ Leaf lateral lobes in lower part; inflorescence less than 20-flowered   (10)
10 (9) Inflorescence less than 10-flowered; lateral lobes usually inconspicuous, margin coarsely serrate.   67 A. laxiflorum
+ Inflorescence 15-20-flowered; lateral lobes distinct, margin doubly serrulate.   70 A. forrestii
11 (8) Leaves shallowly 5-lobed, lateral lobes shortly acute or obsolete.   72 A. morrisonense
+ Leaves 3-lobed   (12)
12 (11) Leaves with central lobes ovate-acuminate.   66 A. tegmentosum
+ Leaves with central lobes triangular-acuminate   (13)
13 (12) Lateral lobes apically shortly obtuse or obsolete, rarely acute, margin closely serrulate.   62 A. davidii
+ Lateral lobes apically acuminate or long acuminate with entire acumen, margin coarsely serrate.   65 A. metcalfii

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