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6. Corydalis sect. Sophorocapnos (Turczaninow) Popov in Schischkin, Fl. URSS. 7: 700. 1937.

黄堇组 huang jin zu

Sophorocapnos Turczaninow, Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 21: 570. 1848.

Herbs annual or biennial, with taproot. Stems hollow, ridged, branched, leafy. Leaves 2-4 × pinnate. Bracts small, acuminate with scarious margin, entire or slightly dentate. Pedicel short. Flowers yellow, rarely white. Spur saccate, shorter than remainder of corolla. Stigma with 2 arms, each with (2 or)3 or 4 papillae; geminate papillae lacking. Fruit linear, oblong, or narrowly elliptic. Seeds pitted or spinulose, with large membranous easily detached elaiosome ± folded back over seed.

Eighteen species: disjunct between E Asia and North America; 11 species (four endemic, one requiring verification) in China.

Some species of this section (Corydalis balansae, C. cryptogama, C. foetida, and C. parviflora) may produce cleistogamous flowers, which are not accounted for in the key.

1 Capsule moniliform, constricted between seeds; flowers usually rather broad at apex   (2)
+ Capsule not constricted between seeds; flowers often narrow at apex   (5)
2 (1) Seeds ovoid/pear-shaped, surface low-colliculate or with linear pits; stigma transverse with 8 indistinct papillae; leaf blade longer than broad   (3)
+ Seeds rounded in outline, spinulose or rarely almost smooth; stigma more crescent-shaped with (4 or)6 indistinct papillae; leaves variable   (4)
3 (2) Flowers whitish with yellow tip; upper petal 16-17 mm.   33 C. changbaishanensis
+ Flowers yellow; upper petal 17-22 mm.   32 C. speciosa
4 (2) Leaf blade triangular, ca. as broad as long; lowermost pair of primary pinnae larger than second pair.   34 C. wilfordii
+ Leaf blade longer than broad; lowermost pair of primary pinnae as large as second pair.   35 C. pallida
5 (1) Capsule oblong, 3-4 mm wide, seeds ± in 2 rows   (6)
+ Capsule linear, 2-2.5 mm wide, with 1 row of seeds; apex of outer petals obtuse with ± spreading- reflexed margins, usually with a short dorsal crest   (8)
6 (5) Seeds without spines; flowers less than 10 mm; apex of outer petals with a narrow crest, not acute; capsule fusiform.   29 C. cryptogama
+ Seeds usually ± spinulose, at least toward margin; flowers 17-20 mm; outer petals acute, with purplish brown keel and very narrow margins, dorsal crests lacking; capsule oblong, ± flattened, slightly contorted   (7)
7 (6) Lowermost leaflets almost as large as rest of leaf; seeds ± sharply colliculate, shortly spinulose toward margin; stigma transverse, with 2 small forward-projecting papillae and broad diffuse lateral papillae.   30 C. orthopoda
+ Lowermost leaflets considerably smaller than remainder of leaf; seeds ± spinulose all over; stigma with ascending branches tipped with diffusely set off papillae.   31 C. heterocarpa
8 (5) Leaves biternate with broad, serrate, distant leaflets; seeds with rounded back with rows of small tubercles toward keel.   28 C. parviflora
+ Leaves bipinnate with entire leaf lobes; seeds lenticular, keeled, with linear impressions in concentric rows   (9)
9 (8) Leaf ultimate lobes ovate, obtuse; fruit straight, 3-4.4 cm.   36 C. balansae
+ Leaf ultimate lobes lanceolate, acute; fruit shorter and often ± arcuate   (10)
10 (9) Inflorescence 5-10 cm.   37 C. foetida
+ Inflorescence very short, ca. 1 cm.   38 C. brevipedunculata

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