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126. Crinitina Soják, Zprávy Krajsk. Vlastiv. Muz. Olomouci. 215: 1. 1982.

麻菀属 ma wan shu

Authors: Yilin Chen & Luc Brouillet

Linosyris Cassini (1825), not Ludwig (1757).

Herbs, perennial; rhizomes slender and long, nodose. Stems several or solitary, erect or ascending, usually branched above. Leaves alternate, sessile, oblong to narrowly linear, gland-dotted or not, sometimes obscurely so, 1-veined, margin entire. Capitula discoid, numerous, in dense or loose, corymbiform synflorescences, rarely solitary. Involucre shortly cylindric or obconic; phyllaries 3- to multiseriate, imbricate, greenish, glabrate or glabrescent, subleathery or membranous, margin usually narrowly scarious, midvein ± distinct, outer either much shorter or almost equaling length of inner but narrower, ovate, inner oblong, apex obtuse or ± acute. Receptacles slightly convex, irregularly alveolate. Disk florets fertile, bisexual, yellow, 5-40, usually exceeding involucre in length, lobes 5, lanceolate; anther base obtuse, apical appendage lanceolate; style branch tips ovate-lanceolate. Achenes oblong, abaxially ± flattened, long strigose, margin 1- or 2-ribbed. Pappus 2-seriate, of whitish or brownish, barbellate bristles, exceeding achenes.

About five species: mostly in steppe and forest-steppe zones of Europe and Asia; two species in China.

Current phylogenetic data are insufficient to determine whether Crinitina is sister to Galatella, paraphyletic to it, or derived from within it (in the latter two cases, it could be merged under Galatella as is sometimes done).

1 Plants sparsely arachnoid, glabrescent; leaves linear to linear-oblanceolate or oblong-linear, gland-dotted.   1 C. tatarica
+ Plants gray tomentose; leaves oblong to linear-oblong, obscurely gland-dotted.   2 C. villosa

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