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20. Dryopteris sect. Acrophorus (C. Presl) Li Bing Zhang, Taxon. 61: 1207. 2012.

鱼鳞鳞毛蕨组 yu lin lin mao jue zu

Authors: Wang Faguo, Prof. Fuwu Xing, Li-Bing Zhang & David S. Barrington

Acrophorus C. Presl, Tent. Pterid. 93. 1836.

Plants terrestrial; caudex erect or ascending, dictyostelic, thick, short, clothed with reddish brown or castaneous scales; scales ovate-lanceolate, entire or undulate. Fronds tufted; stipe stramineous, base covered with scales same as on rhizome, upper scales caducous, longitudinally grooved on adaxial side; lamina triangular-ovate, tripinnatifid to 4-pinnate, papery, green or brown when dry; pinnae always opposite, sessile; pinnules subopposite, vertical to rachis; ultimate pinnules sparsely covered with short nodose hairs adaxially, glabrous abaxially; rachis and rachillae stramineous, longitudinally grooved on adaxial side, densely covered with brown short nodose hairs at base, often with a cordate, brown large scale at base of each pinna and pinnule, rounded abaxially; venation free, pinnate, veinlets submarginal. Sori orbicular, terminal on basal acroscopic veinlets of lobes or ultimate pinnules; indusium semicircular or cup-shaped, membranous, inferior, attached by broad base, enclosing sori when young; receptacle elevated; annuli longitudinal and interrupted, consisting of 14-16 thickened cells, with long stipe; spores narrowly elliptic, with coarsely ribbed epispore. x = 41.

About 11 species: SE Asia, west to Papua New Guinea and Polynesia; seven species (four endemic) in China.

1 Pinnae and segments of every order without a large cordate scale but with only a small ovate-lanceolate or broadly lanceolate scale at base.   157 D. exstipellata
+ Pinnae and segments of every order with a large cordate and often persistent scale at base   (2)
2 (1) Secondary segments of upper pinnae rounded apically   (3)
+ Secondary segments of upper pinnae acuminate or acute apically   (4)
3 (2) Pinnules of middle pinnae 1-1.5 cm; lobes up to 2 mm wide; sori ca. 0.5 mm in diam..   155 D. wusugongii
+ Pinnules of middle pinnae 1.5-3 cm; lobes up to 3 mm wide; sori ca. 1 mm in diam   156 D. wuzhaohongii
4 (2) Secondary segments elliptic-lanceolate, ultimate segments with a deciduous scale at base; scale trace visible if scale fallen off.   154 D. emeiensis
+ Secondary segments lanceolate, ultimate segments with a persistent scale at base   (5)
5 (4) Rachis scabrous; sori ca. 0.8 mm in diam..   151 D. nodosa
+ Rachis glabrous   (6)
6 (5) Lobes elliptic; sori ca. 0.5 mm in diam..   152 D. paleolata
+ Lobes rectangular; sori ca. 1 mm in diam..   153 D. acrophorus

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