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Araceae/Ecuador | Family List | Araceae | Anthurium

Anthurium citrifolium Sodiro, Anales Univ. Centr. Ecuador. 15(108): 5. (1901).

Anthurium tenuinerve Sodiro, Anales Univ. Centr. Ecuador 17: 258. (1903). Type: Ecuador. Pichincha: Volcán Atacazo Sodiro s.n. (Oct. 1902).

Pendent or scandent epiphyte, rarely terrestrial and to 1.5 m tall; internodes 2–6 cm long, 4–6 mm diam, sometimes purplish brown; drying reddish brown, smooth; cataphylls thin, green, 3–4 cm long, promptly weathering to moderately coarse tan to reddish brown fibers, these in part forming a reticulum and held moderately close to the stem; petioles sharply C-shaped or subterete and weakly sulcate to flattened with raised margins adaxially, 1.8–4.5 cm long, sheathed 5–10 mm; geniculum 7–14 mm long, shaped like the petiole; blades usually oblong-elliptic, sometimes elliptic to ovate-elliptic, 13–18 cm long, 4–7.3 cm wide, acuminate at apex, obtuse to rounded, sometimes weakly subcordate at base (1.8)2.3–3.9 times longer than broad, moderately coriaceous, drying yellowish brown, conspicuously glandular-punctate on both surfaces, upper surface dark green and velvety, drying minutely granular; lower surface much paler and weakly glossy below; midrib thicker than broad and paler, drying somewhat knife-edged above, thicker and paler, drying convex, wrinkled and paler beneath; primary lateral veins 8–10 sunken on both surfaces, scarcely visible to weakly raised on drying; collective veins arising from the base, more conspicuous than the primary lateral veins, drying weakly raised, 5–11 mm from the margin; secondary collective veins extending into the margin in the lower 1/4 of the blade; antimarginal veins present. Inflorescence erect, 1.5–3 times longer than petioles; peduncles weakly ridged, 3–8 cm long, drying 1–2 mm diam., striate; spathe reflexed, lanceolate to oblong-elliptic, 2–3.8 cm long, 5–10 mm wide, abruptly acuminate and tightly inrolled at apex, green to yellow-green, sometimes purplish within, rounded to obtuse at base; spadix sessile, pale green, pale yellow-green to yellowish or bright yellow, 2.7–5.5 cm long, drying 3–5 mm diam; flowers rhombic, 3–3.4 mm wide, 1.8–2.2 mm wide, 3–5 per spiral; lateral tepals 1.8–2.7 mm wide, the inner margins straight to broadly convex; pistils weakly emergent; stamens held at the level of the tepals, anthers broadly ovate, 0.4–0.5 mm wide; infructescence to at least 7 cm long, drying ca 10 mm diam., tepals green with purple margins, berries green, rounded at apex.

Type: Ecuador. Pichincha: Nanegal, Sodiro s.n. (January 1901; not seen). Sodiro s.n. (July 1903) from Nanegal (B) may serve as the neotype. Anthurium tenuinerve Sodiro, Anales Univ. Centr. Ecuador 17: 258. (1903). Type: Ecuador. Pichincha: Volcán Atacazo Sodiro s.n. (Oct. 1902).

Esmeraldas: Lita, 550--650 m, Madison et al. 5146 (SEL, QCA); Lita-San Lorenzo Road, 18 km W of Lita, 675 m, 0°55'N, 78°28'W, Croat 72386 (MO, QCNE); Bilsa, Bilsa Biological Station. Mache Mountains, 35 km W of Quininde, 400--600 m, 0°21'N, 79°44'W, Clark & Adnepos 199 (MO, QCNE, S); 500 m, 0°21'N, 79°44'W, Clark 3073 (MO,QCNE); Clark, Neill & Zambrano 3424; 580 m, 0°21'36"N, 79°42'40"W, Palacios, Clark & Jaramillo 13540 (CM, QCNE, MO). Manabi: 700 m, 1°33'S, 80°38'W, Cornejo & Bonifaz 1016 (GUAY, MO, QCNE). El Oro: Zaruma﷓Santa Rosa, Piñas-El Placer, 1,100--1,200 m, Harling & Andersson 14368 (GB, M0); 850 m, 11 km W of Pinas on new road to Santa Rosa, Dodson et al. 9044 (SEL). Pichincha: Reserva Florística-Ecológica "Rio Guajalito", Quito-Santo Domingo, via Chiriboga, km 59, 3.5 km NE of road, 0°13'53"S, 78°48'10"W, Jaramillo & Zak 8117 (QCA). ENDESA Reserva; Quito/Puerto Quito Rd. Km 113, 10 km N of main highway, 0°5'N, 79°2'W, 800m, Balslev & Balseca 4700 (QCA), 4730 (QCA); Rodríguez 279 (MO, QCA), 340 (QCA), 350 (QCA). Bolivar: Heda Changuil, 2°06'S, 79°10'W, 200 m, Cornejo &Bonifaz 4582 (GUAY, MO). Carchi: Tulcán Cantón: Awá reserve, Gualpí Medio, 900 m, 1°01'N, 78°16'W, Quelal et al. 628 (MO, QCNE); El Pailón, ca. 45 km below Maldonado, path to Tobar Donoso, 800 m, Madison & Besse 7083 (QCA); Chical, Christenson 1554 (recollection of live plant SEL 78-1613 based on Plowman 14076).


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