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Araceae/Ecuador | Family List | Araceae | Anthurium

Anthurium laciniosum Sodiro, Anales Univ. Centr. Ecuador. 15: 300. (1902).

Scandent epiphyte; stems pendent to 2.0 m or more long; internodes 0.4–6 cm long, mostly less than 7 mm diam.; cataphylls 2–4 cm long, promptly weathering to fibers, these spreading then turning upward to form a basket-like structure around the node; petioles 1–5 cm long, 1–3 mm diam., subquadrangular, sharply sulcate adaxially and ribed abaxially, sheathed 6–17 mm; geniculum 4–17 mm long; blades oblong-lanceolate to ovate-elliptic, 6.5–17 cm long, 2.5–7 cm wide, abruptly acuminate at apex, cuneate at base, semiglossy and glandular-punctate on both surfaces, drying yellowish brown; midrib concolorous and thicker than broad to acute, drying almost knife-edged above, drying darker than surface and narrowly acute, convex and slightly paler below, drying somewhat acute; primary lateral veins 8–11, arising at an angle of 40–50 degrees, weakly raised on both surfaces, sightly paler above, darker beneath, flat, drying weakly raised; collective veins 1–2 pairs, arising from the base, the innermost 2–13 mm from the margin, the outer collective vein, when present, usually merging with the margin in the lower 1/3 of blade, rarely extending all the way to the tip of blade. Inflorescence erect-spreading; peduncle 2–16 cm long, 2–3 mm diam., sulcate adaxially and 3-ribbed adaxially, 4–8 times longer than petiole; spathe 0.6–5.8 cm long, 5–10 mm wide, lanceolate, green, tinged red, subcoriaceous, inserted at an angle of 60 degrees, recurved, acute-acuminate at apex, the margins meeting at an obtuse angle at the base; spadix 1.6–16.7 cm long, 2–4 mm diam., 20–25 times longer than wide, green becoming lavender purple to pink or yellow; flowers 5 visible per spiral, rhombic, 2.8–3.5 long, 1.5–2.5 mm wide; lateral tepals 1–2 mm wide, the inner margins convex, stamens 1 mm long. Infructescence to 24 cm long, pendent, turning pale burgundy; berries pale purple turning hyaline to white, subglobose to obovoid, more or less quadrangular in cross-section, flattened at apex, 2–5 mm diam.; pericarp thick; mesocarp transluscent, mucilaginous; seeds 1.8–2.5 mm long, 1 mm wide, elliptic to pateliforme, green, 2–4 per locule.

Type: Ecuador. Pichincha: Nanegal and Río Pilatón (not seen).

Los Ríos: Quevedo Cantón: Parroquia Centinela--La Pirámide, E of Patricia Pilar, 650 m, 1°40'S, 79°20'W, Quelal & Tipaz 356 (K, MO); Río Palenque Science Center, 220 m, 0°35'S, 79°21W, Croat 73864 (MO). El Centinel, Fallen 796 (SEL); Patricia Pilar--24 de Mayo, Centinela ridge area, 600 m, Dodson et al. 7522 (SEL); Dodson 7346 (SEL); Centinela ridge area, 12.5 km E of Patricia Pilar, 1400 ft., Hansen et al. 7832 (SEL); 12 km E of Patricia Pilar, 650 m, Madison 3820 (SEL). El Oro: El Corazón--Fecundo Vela, 1--3 km S of El Corazon, trail 1300--1400 m, Harling & Andersson 19215 (GB). Carchi: Gualpi Chico area of Awá reserve, Gualpí Chico, 1,330 m, 0°58'N, 78°16'W, Hoover et al. 2834 (MO). Pichincha: 20 km W of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, 330 m, Cazalet & Pennington 5271 (UC). Cooperativa Sta. Marta #2 at Km 3, W of bypass around Santo Domingo, 530 m, Dodson et al. 8513 (SEL); Centinela, 12 km E of Patricia Pilar, 550--650 m, 0°34'S, 79°19W, Løjtnant & Molau 15820 (AAU); Alluriquin, 900 m, Plowman 14071 (F, SEL); Santo Domingo--Quevedo Rd., Centinela, 12 km E of Patricia Pilar, 600 m, Besse et. al. 135 (QCA); Reserva Forestal ENDESA, 650--700 m, 0°5'N, 79°2'W, Jaramillo et al. 5218 (MO, QCA); Jaramillo 6639 (MO, QCA); 800 m, Rodriguez 187 (CR, MO, QCA); 424 (QCA); 700 m, Croat & Rodríguez 61504 (MO);. 450 m, Hammel & Wilder 17224 (MO); 800 m, Harling & Andersson 23273 (GB,MO); 50--800 m, 0°3'N, 79°7W, Cerón & Ayala 10095 (MO,QCNE). Cotopaxi: Quevedo--Latacunga, 55.5 km E of Quevedo, 930--950 m, 0°53'N, 79°4'W, Croat 57031 (MO); 1 km N of Pucayacu, 670 m, 0°41'30"S, 79°6'30"W, Croat 57071 (MO).


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