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Araceae/Ecuador | Family List | Araceae | Anthurium

Anthurium saccardoi Sodiro, Anthurios Ecuator. 18:. 1903.

Terrestrial or epiphytic; internodes 1–7 cm long, 0.8–1.8 cm diam, dark to medium green and semiglossy, soon light brown to gray-green, drying with longitudinal ridges; catapylls 14–23 cm long, deciduous; petioles 38–60 cm long, subterete, obtusely and shallowly to narrowly sulcate adaxially above the middle, medium to dark green and weakly glossy to almost matte, drying usually light reddish brown, sometimes yellowish brown; blades ovate-panduriform, 38–60 cm long, (19)29–31 cm wide, 1.3–2.2 times longer than wide, abruptly short-acuminate at apex, deeply cordate-sagittate to sagittate-hastate at base, thinly coriaceous, dark green and weakly subvelvety-semiglossy above, moderately paler and matte below; anterior lobe 32–48 cm long, usually broadly concave in lower 1/3 (rarely convex on one side); posterior lobes 12–16.5 cm long, (5)11–14 cm wide; sinus spathulate to hippocrepiform, 9.5–13 cm deep; basal veins (5)7–8 per side, 1st pair free to the base, 4th–6th coalesced 4–8 cm; posterior rib moderately straight, naked along sinus 2–3 cm; midrib narrowly rounded and slightly paler, becoming acute and concolorous toward apex on upper surface, round-raised and slightly paler on the lower surface, drying darker than surface or sometimes more or less concolorous; primary lateral veins 20–30, 5–17 mm apart, arising at 50–70 degree angle, etched-sunken above, narrowly raised and more or less concolorous below; tertiary veins more or less concolorous below; collective veins arising from near the base, 1–4 mm from the margin; Inflorescence erect; peduncle 25 cm long, 1.5–2.5 mm diam; spathe 10–12 cm long, 7–10 mm wide, lanceolate pale green, reflexed; spadix 10–16 cm long, drying 3–4 mm diam, medium green, matte, weakly glaucous.

Type: Ecuador. Guayas: Quillapa, Rimbach sn.

El Oro: Hacienda Daycay, 750–800 m, 3°29'S, 79°45'W, Cornejo 488 (QCNE). Pichincha: Between Santo Domingo and Puerto Limon at Km 23, In the Colorado community "Congoma Grande", 100 m, 0°21'S, 79°22'W, Kvist & Holm-Nielsen 40150 (AAU, QCA); vicinity of Santo Domingo de Los Colorados; vicinity of Peripa SW of Santo Domingo, 250 m, 0°9'34"S, 78°28'43"W, Croat & Nuñez 82061 (QCNE, MO); Bosque Proctectora "Las Perlas", along Río Cucharacha, vicinity of Km 40 on Santo Domingo-Esmeraldas Highway, ca. 3 km S of Concordia. 300 m, 0°0'9"S, 79°22'53"W, Croat 82120 (QCNE, MO); Santo Domingo de Los Colorados 250 m, 0°9'34"S, 78°28'43"W, Benavides & Calazacón 433 (MO, QCNE); Santo Domingo de Los Colorados, 140 m, 0°0'9"S, 79°22'53"W, Benavides 468, 484 (MO, QCNE); Santo Domingo–Quininde Rd., Km 41, 220 m, 0°0'49"S, 79°22'21"W, Zak et al. 5564, 5593 (QCA).


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