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Araceae/Ecuador | Family List | Araceae | Rhodospatha

Rhodospatha asplundii Croat, sp. Nova.

Terrestrial or on rocks, sometimes epiphytic. Stems to about 1 m long; internodes 1–4 cm long, 8–18 mm diam, dark green, semiglossy and paler on one side. Leaves erect to spreading, not at all distichous; petioles 25–38 cm long, terete, 1.0–1.5 times longer than the peduncle, sheathed to about midway, medium green, weakly glossy to matte, drying yellowish green to yellowish brown; sheaths medium green, incurled, persistent intact; geniculum 1.5–2 cm long, drying weakly sulcate; blades elliptic, 31–40 cm long, 15–22 cm wide, 1.8–2.2 times longer than wide, broadest at the middle, only slightly inequilateral, one side 5–20 mm wider, subcoriaceous, dark green weakly glossy above, much paler and matte below, drying green to gray-green above, medium green to yellowish green below, acute to obtuse and abruptly acuminate at apex, slightly inequilateral and attenuate at base; midrib narrowly sunken and marginally weakly discolored above, thicker than broad and slightly paler below; primary lateral veins 25–35 per side, 5–14 mm apart (a few at the base no more than 3 mm apart), arising at an acute angle then spreading at 55–80 degree angle, one side at a higher angle, moderately arcuate to the margin; interprimary veins 1 between each pair of primary lateral veins, moderately less conspicuous than the primaries, often drying undulate; minor veins 1–2 alternating with the interprimary and primary veins, along with the interprimary veins sparsely granular; cross veins weak to barely apparent, sparse and oblique, more frequent toward the margins when visible; surface densely granular and with moderately dense pale raphide cells. Inflorescence erect, sweet-smelling at anthesis; peduncle 16.5–29 cm long; spathe creamy white to white, drying light brown, 7.7–15 cm long, to 1.7 cm diam and prominently acuminate when furled, hemispherical when unfurled, to 11.5 cm wide when flattened; spadix 6–9 cm long, 10–12 cm diam, pale green to white; pistils rhombic or irregularly 5–6 sided, 1.0–1.8 mm diam, the sides more or less straight; style smooth to finely granular, drying brown; stigma raised, broadly elliptic to almost round, 0.5–0.6 mm long, 0.3–0.4 mm wide, drying dark brown. Fruits not seen.

Type: Peru. Amazonas: Prov. Bagua: Bagua, ca 1 km NE of Quebrada Chinganza, less than 1 km N of Mayo, on bank of Río Marañon; tropical moist forest; 05°25'S, 78°28'W; 11 June, 1986. Knapp & Alcorn 7728 (Holotype, MO 3489163).

Napo: Yasuní National Park. Laguna Jatun Cocha, near mouth of Río Yasuní, 180 m, 1°0'S, 75°25'W, Neill & Rojas 9929 (MO); Tena-Archidona, Asplund 10281 (S). Pastaza: Puyo, Río Lliquino, Pambayucua 420 m, 1°29'S, 77°22'W, Palacios 10174 (MO, QCNE).


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