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Araceae/Ecuador | Family List | Araceae | Stenospermation

Stenospermation longifolium Engler, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 37: 111. (1905).

Terrestrial, to ca 1 m tall; internodes 2–7(-11) cm long, (1-)1.5–3 cm diam, dark green and semiglossy, becoming brown, scurfy, and densely transverse fissured in age; petioles terete, 20–45 cm long, about as long as blades, dark green, semiglossy, sheathed from 60% their length to nearly throughout, sheath ending 2–10 cm from base of geniculum (extending to the geniculum when subtending an inflorescence), the free portion thicker than broad, not sulcate; geniculum sulcate; blades elliptic to oblong-elliptic, 14–43 cm long, 7–14 cm wide, 2.5–3.5 times longer than wide, slightly inequilateral, 3–16 mm wider on one side, broadest at middle or slightly above the middle, subcoriaceous, narrowly acute to weakly acuminate at apex, obtuse to acute (rarely rounded) at base; midrib narrowly sunken and concolorous above, thicker than broad and slightly paler below; primary lateral veins not obvious, with 7–10 obscurely visible on drying; upper surface matte, coarsely and evenly veined above with the minor veins all deeply sunken; lower surface slightly to moderately paler and semiglossy, smooth with the minor veins obscure when fresh, dark green, drying gray-green to dark brown. Inflorescence cernuous; peduncle 29–36 cm long; spathe pale green (verde agua) 11–17 cm long, to 4–5 cm wide at anthesis, narrowly acute at apex (acumen to 2 cm long); spadix white, 10–18 cm long, 10–12 mm diam midway, to 9 mm diam at apex, up to 5 cm shorter than spathe, with little odor, stipitate to 1 cm long; flowers 4–5 per primary spiral, 2.5–3.3 mm long, 2.4–3.1 mm wide. pistils subquadrangular; locules unilocular, ovules ca 6, short-funiculate. Berries not known.

Type: Ecuador. Pichincha: Gualea, April, 1900, Sodiro s.n. (B).

Specimens, Collectors, and Herbaria: Carchi: Espejo Cantón, El Gualtal. Faldas de Cerro Golondrina Hembra, 0°51'N, 78°7'W, 2450 m, 21 Aug 1994, Palacios & Clark 12651 (MO,QCNE); Mira Cantón, trail to Chical, 0°17'N, 78°13'W, 2000–2200 m, 10 Feb1992, Palacios et al. 9712 (MO,QCNE); Reserva Indigena Awa, 650–100 m, 1°N, 78°24'W, 19 Jun 1992–28 Jun 1992, Tipaz et al. 1507 (MO). Cerro Golondrinas. Upper Río Gualpí headwaters, 2250–2265 m, 0°50'N, 78°13'W, 15 Jul 1993–20 Jul 1993, Boyle et al. 2273 (MO, NY, QCNE). Pastaza: Mera, Lugo 23 (S). Pichincha: Nono–Nanegal, 6 km above Tandayapa, 0°3'N, 78°59'W, 2050 m, 30 Sep 1980, Croat 50235 (MO); Tandayapa–Mindo, 15.1 km SW of Tandayapa, 2400 m, 16 Dec 1979, Croat 49377 (MO); Reserva Forestal La Favorita, 2.4 km N. of main Quito to Santa Domingo de los Colorados Hwy, 0.7 km S. of Chiriboga, 0°12'S, 78°47'W, 1800–1830 m, 15 Feb 1992, Croat 72148 (MO); 0°16'S, 78°44'W, 1600–1800 m, Benevides & Padilla 41 (MO), Benevides et al. 6 (MO), Benevides & Peñafiel 24 (MO); Quito–Santo Domingo de los Colorados via Chiriboga, 19 km S of San Juan, 15 km NE of Chiriboga, 0°17'S,78°43'W, 1710 m, 12 Oct 1980, Croat 50619 (MO); Parroquia Nanegal: Montañas de Maquipucuna, Cerro Sosa, 0°5.5'N, 78°37'W, 1995 m, 3 Jul 1991, Webster et al. 28712 (MO,DAV); Quito–Santo Domingo de los Colorados Rd., 19 km S of San Juan, 15 km NE of Chiriboga, 1710 m, 0°17'S, 78°43'W, 12 Oct 1980, Croat 50619 (MO); Reserva Natural Río Guajalito, 1800 m, 0°13'53"S, 78°48'10"W, 9 Feb 1992, Croat 72062 (MO).


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