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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Clusiaceae

Calophyllum Linn.


Description from Flora of China

Apoterium Blume; Augia Loureiro.

Trees or shrubs, with clear [or milky or yellow] latex. Apical buds rarely abortive; buds lacking (or with) scales. Leaves opposite, petiolate [or rarely sessile], leathery, usually glabrous; secondary veins many, almost perpendicular to midvein, ± prominent above; tertiary venation absent; translucent glandular canals present between veins. Inflorescence cymose or thyrsiform, terminal or axillary. Flowers bisexual [or rarely unisexual]. Sepals and petals together 4-12 (usually 4 + 4 in Chinese species), 2- or 3-whorled, not always differentiated, outer (sepals) decussate, inner (petals) imbricate. Stamens many, not obviously fascicled; filaments scarcely united or all free, slender; anthers erect, basifixed; fasciclodes absent. Ovary 1-loculed, glabrous [tomentose], with a single erect ovule; style elongate, slender; stigma often peltate. Drupelike berry with thin exocarp ("skin"), thin fleshy mesocarp and thin endocarp sometimes adherent to seed. Seed 1, large, with thin [or thick] testa ("stone"); embryo with broad fleshy cotyledons.

About 187 species: tropical regions, mainly in Asia, but also in E Africa, tropical America, Madagascar, the Mascarenes, and Australasia; four species in China.

(Authors: Li Xiwen (李锡文 Li Hsi-wen), Li Jie (李捷); Peter F. Stevens)

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