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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Asteraceae

Launaea Cass.


Description from Flora of China

Ammoseris Endlicher; Brachyramphus Candolle; Hexinia H. L. Yang; Lomatolepis Cassini; Microrhynchus Lessing; Paramicrorhynchus Kirpicznikov; Rhabdotheca Cassini.

Herbs, perennial, often rosulate, sometimes acaulescent, (almost) glabrous. Stem erect, ascending-erect, procumbent, or creeping. Leaves undivided and subentire or sinuate-dentate to pinnately divided. Synflorescence corymbiform or paniculiform, with few to numerous capitula or sometimes capitulum solitary. Capitula with 5-20(-30) florets. Involucre cylindric. Phyllaries with indistinct to conspicuous white scarious margin; outer phyllaries in several series, gradually longer centripetally, ± imbricate with longest 1/2-3/4 as long as inner ones; inner phyllaries 5-8, ± equal in length, ± linear-lanceolate. Receptacle naked. Florets yellow. Achene whitish, grayish, blackish, or brownish, homomorphic and all with 5 main ribs or dimorphic and inner with 4 and outer with 5 main ribs, usually accompanied by 2 secondary ribs, smooth or transversely wrinkled, apex truncate to attenuate. Pappus white, of equal faintly scabrid bristles, caducous with pappus disk or persistent.

Fifty-four species: Africa, C, S, and SW Asia, S Europe; four species (one endemic) in China.

(Authors: Shi Zhu (石铸 Shih Chu); Norbert Kilian)

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