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Macrothelypteris viridifrons (Tagawa) Ching


Description from Flora of China

Thelypteris viridifrons Tagawa, J. Jap. Bot. 12: 747. 1936; Dryopteris elegans Koidzumi var. subtripinnata Tagawa; D. oligophlebia (Baker) C. Christensen var. subtripinnata (Tagawa) H. Itô; Lastrea oligophlebia (Baker) Copeland var. subtripinnata (Tagawa) Ohwi; L. viridifrons (Tagawa) Tagawa; T. oligophlebia (Baker) Ching var. subtripinnata (Tagawa) H. Itô.

Plants 60-110 cm tall. Rhizomes short and erect, with reddish brown hairy lanceolate scales at apices. Fronds clustered; stipes 30-50 cm, stramineous, bases with grayish white short acicular hairs, distally glabrous; laminae similar in length to stipes or slightly longer, 20-50 cm wide, not tapering to bases, 3-pinnate-pinnatifid, acuminate and pinnatifid at apices; pinnae 10-12 pairs, alternate or subopposite, oblique distally, stalks 1.5-5 cm, proximal pair largest, oblong-lanceolate, 24-30 × ca. 10 cm, bases slightly tapering, rounded-truncate, apices acuminate; second pair of pinnae (distally all pinnae) of similar shape as proximal pair, but not tapering to bases, gradually reduced, shortly stalked, 2-pinnate-pinnatifid; pinnules of 1-pinnate parts of laminae 10-15 pairs, alternate, spreading, proximal pair slightly shortened, distal ones oblong-lanceolate, 5-6.5 × 2.5-3 cm, bases truncate, shortly stalked, pinnate-pinnatifid, apices acuminate; pinnules of 2-pinnate parts of lamina 10-15 pairs, lanceolate, 1-1.5 × 0.4-0.7 cm, bases rounded-truncate and decurrent, connected to each other on both sides by narrow wings, pinnate lobate or pinnatifid to 2/3 of distance to costules, obtuse or bluntly pointed at apices; segments elliptic, ca. 2.5 × 1.5 mm, entire or slightly undulate along margins, rounded at apices. Veins visible, veinlets simple, 2 or 3 pairs per segment. Laminae thickly herbaceous, when dry grass-green, with more spreading acicular hairs abaxially, adaxially with more short acicular hairs along costules; rachises stramineous, glabrous abaxially, polished. Sori small, orbicular, 1 or 2 per segment, attached near ends of proximal veinlets; indusia small, orbicular-reniform, green, membranous, with 1 or 2 villous-hairs and deciduous after maturity. 2n = 124.

Shaded wet places in forests in mountain valleys; ca. 800 m. Anhui, N Fujian, Guizhou (Nayong), Hunan, S Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Zhejiang [Japan, S Korea].


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