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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Thelypteridaceae | Pseudophegopteris

Pseudophegopteris yigongensis Ching


Description from Flora of China

Plants 60-75 cm tall. Rhizome long creeping, with lanceolate hairy scales. Fronds remote; stipe blackish brown at base, brown-stramineous and shiny distally, 30-40 cm, bases villous, distally glabrous; lamina narrowly oblong or narrowly lanceolate, 25-35 × 6-10 cm, base not tapering, pinnate-pinnatifid (basal pinnules on proximal pair of pinnae often pinnate), apex pinnatifid and acuminate; pinnae 9-12 pairs, opposite, spreading, distal pinnae decurrent and connected, middle pinnae ± decurrent and adnate to rachis but not connected to each other, proximal 1 or 2 pairs of pinnae largest, sessile and not decurrent, 7-9 × ca. 4.5 cm, bases asymmetrical, pinnatifid, apices long acuminate; basiscopic pinna segments longer than acroscopic ones, particularly basal basiscopic one, to 3-4 cm, pinnatifid, other segments entire. Veins visible on both sides, lateral veins simple or forked, 4-6 pairs per segment. Laminae thinly herbaceous, drying yellowish green, abaxially villous along veins, subglabrous adaxially, rachises stramineous and sparsely villous. Sori oblong, borne at middle or above middle of ultimate veinlets, 2-4 pairs per segment. Sporangia each with 2-4 acicular hairs below annulus.

Pseudophegopteris yigongensis is somewhat similar to P. levingei, differing in the fewer lateral pinnae, proximal two pairs much larger than distal ones, and laminae sparingly villous abaxially.

● Dense forests; ca. 2500 m. SE Xizang (Bomi, Yigong).


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