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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Polypodiaceae | Pyrrosia

Pyrrosia lanceolata (Linn.) Farwell


Description from Flora of China

Acrostichum lanceolatum Linnaeus, Sp. Pl. 2: 1067. 1753; A. dubium Poiret; Candollea lanceolata (Linnaeus) Mirbel; Cyclophorus cornutus Copeland; C. giesenhagenii (Christ) C. Christensen; C. glaber Desvaux; C. lanceolatus (Linnaeus) Alston; C. spissus (Bory ex Willdenow) Desvaux; C. stellatus Copeland; C. varius (Kaulfuss) Gaudichaud; C. vittarioides C. Presl; Dendroglossa lanceolata (Linnaeus) C. Presl; Gymnopteris lanceolata (Linnaeus) T. Moore; Niphobolus adnascens (Swartz) Kaulfuss var. spissum (Bory ex Willdenow) Keyserling; N. adnascens var. varius (Kaulfuss) Keyserling; N. caudata Kaulfuss; N. giesenhagenii Christ; N. glaber (Desvaux) Kaulfuss, nom. illeg. superfl.; N. lanceolatus (Linnaeus) Trimen (1886), not (Linnaeus) Keyserling (1873); N. spissus (Bory ex Willdenow) Kaulfuss; N. varius Kaulfuss; N. vittarioides T. Moore (1861), not C. Presl (1836); Polypodium dubium Kuhn (1868), not Roxburgh (1844), nor (H. Karsten) Hooker (1864); P. pachyderma Baker; P. spissum Bory ex Willdenow; P. vittarioides Wallich ex Mettenius; Pyrrosia caudata (Kaulfuss) Ching; P. cornuta (Copeland) Tagawa; P. pachyderma (Baker) Ching; P. stellata (Copeland) Parris; P. varia (Kaulfuss) Farwell.

Plants 5-12 cm. Rhizome long creeping, 1.2-2.1 mm in diam., in cross section usually with a single, central sclerenchyma strand; phyllopodia 1-2 cm apart, lateral buds alternating with phyllopodia. Scales peltate, 3.4-7.8 × 0.3-1.3 mm, base entire to ciliate; acumen light brown, often with a distinct hyaline margin, ciliate; short, orbicular to ovate scales usually present. Fronds monomorphic, up to 0.5-1 cm stipitate; lamina widest at ca. middle, 4-14 × ca. 0.6 cm, base attenuate, long decurrent, apex obtuse. Hydathodes rarely present, few and indistinct. Indument persistent, monomorphic, dense, whitish or brown; hairs 0.2-1.2 mm with erect-spreading to appressed, boat-shaped to ± acicular rays. Sori sunken, with a distinct central bundle of stellate paraphyses. Sporangia with stalks 1.5-2 × as long as capsule.

On rocks or tree trunks of rain forests; 700-2000 m. Xizang, Yunnan [Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam; Africa, Indian Ocean islands (Réunion)].


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