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Cercidiphyllum japonicum Sieb. et Zucc.


Description from Flora of China

Cercidiphyllum japonicum var. sinense Rehder & E. H. Wilson.

Trees, 10--20 m tall. Branchlets glabrous. Leaves dimorphic; leaf blade glabrous or abaxially hairy in axils of basal veins; veins ca. 5--7, abaxially slightly prominent. Long shoot leaves: petiole 1.5--2 cm; leaf blade 3.2--4.5 × 1.9--3.2 cm, ovate, elliptic, or obovate, base rounded, truncate, or slightly cuneate, margin entire or finely serrate, apex acute. Short shoot leaves: petiole 1.4--4.7 cm; leaf blade 3.7--9 × 5--8.3 cm, ovate to reniform, base cordate, margin crenate, apex rounded. Staminate flowers: stamens ca. 9 mm; filaments filiform; anthers pink, 3--4 mm, narrowly oblong, longitudinally dehiscent, apex short apiculate. Pistillate flowers: carpel 1--1.5 cm; stigma red, decurrent, 2-ridged. Follicle brown to black, oblong, 10--18 × 2--3 mm, with a short persistent style. Seeds brown, flat, trapezoidal, 4--5 mm, winged; wing at the proximal end, 3--4 mm. Fl. Apr, fr. Aug. 2n = 38.

Forests, forest margins, by streams; 600--2700 m. S and W Anhui, S Gansu, NE Guizhou, SW Henan, Hubei, NW Hunan, N Jiangxi, S Shaanxi, SW Shanxi, Sichuan, NE Yunnan, NW Zhejiang [Japan].


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