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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Ranunculaceae | Delphinium

Delphinium korshinskyanum Nevski


Description from Flora of China

Stem 55--90 cm tall, hirsute proximally, glabrous distally, simple or few branched distally. Leaf blade 7--13 cm wide, base cordate; primary lobes separate for at least 60% of blade radius; central lobe rhombic-cuneate or rhombic, 3-lobulate, distally lobulate and dentate, apex acute; ultimate lobules lanceolate; proximal leaves not withered. Raceme 13--22 cm, (12--)18--25-flowered, glabrous; bracts lanceolate-linear. Pedicels 0.8--3.5 cm; bracteoles distal, lanceolate or lanceolate-linear, 4--5 mm. Sepals blue-purple, glabrous or sparsely ciliate; spur cylindric-subulate, 1.3--1.6(--1.9) cm, base 2.5--3 mm in diam.; other se-pals 1--1.5 cm. Petals 2-lobed, glabrous. Staminode limb ovate, 2-lobed, yellow barbate. Filaments glabrous. Carpels 3, glabrous. Fl. Jul--Aug.

Grassy places in forests, meadows; 400--800 m. N and W Heilongjiang [Russia (Far East, C Siberia)].


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