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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Hamamelidaceae | Rhodoleia

Rhodoleia parvipetala Tong


Description from Flora of China

Trees, to 20 m tall; young branches drying dark brown, stellately scaly but quickly glabrescent. Petiole 2–4.5 cm; leaf blade oblong, 5–10 × 2–4 cm, drying discolorous, abaxially whitish gray, glabrous, adaxially drying dark green, base cuneate, apex acute; obscurely 3-veined at base, lateral veins 6–9 on each side, abaxially somewhat raised, adaxially obscure. Inflorescences 2–2.5 cm, 2.5–3.5 wide in fruit; peduncle 1–1.5 cm, to 2 cm in fruit; involucral bracts 5–7, ovate-rounded, 7–10 mm, pubescent with dark brown hairs; bracteoles absent. Petals spatulate, 15–18 × 5–6 mm. Stamens 6–8, about as long as petals. Ovary glabrous; styles as long as stamens. Capsules 0.8–1 cm. Seeds many, flattened. Fl. May–Apr, fr. Apr–Sep.

Slopes in evergreen forests; ca. 1000 m. W Guangxi, SE Guizhou, SE Yunnan [N Vietnam].


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