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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Rosaceae | Rubus

Rubus formosensis Ktze.


Description from Flora of China

Rubus formosanus Maximowicz ex Focke; R. nantoensis Hayata; R. randaiensis Hayata; R. rubribracteatus F. P. Metcalf; R. rugosissimus Hayata.

Shrubs erect or somewhat scrambling. Branchlets terete, densely yellowish brown tomentose-villous, unarmed or with sparse, curved minute prickles. Leaves simple; petiole 3–5 mm, densely yellowish brown tomentose villous, usually unarmed; stipules free, brownish, broadly ovate to oblong, 1–1.5(–2) × 0.6–1(–1.5) cm, margin entire to pinnatipartite or palmatipartite; lobes linear or linear-lanceolate, slightly tomentose-villous; blade broadly ovate or suborbicular, 6–12 × 7–13 cm, 5-veined, reticulate veins raised and prominent abaxially, impressed adaxially, abaxially yellowish gray tomentose, soft hairy along veins, adaxially rugose, soft hairy when young, base cordate, margin 3–5-lobed; lobes ovate-triangular, terminal one largest, margin unevenly coarsely serrate, apex acute, rarely obtuse. Inflorescences terminal, short subracemes, 3–5 cm, several flowered, or flowers solitary in leaf axils; rachis and pedicels densely yellow brown tomentose-villous; bracts reddish brown, broadly ovate to oblong, 8–11(–15) × 6–9(–12) mm, often palmatipartite or pinnatipartite; lobes linear or linear-lanceolate, slightly hairy. Pedicel 3–4 mm, rarely longer. Flowers ca. 1.5 cm in diam. or slightly longer. Calyx abaxially densely yellowish brown villous and tomentose; tube cupular; sepals triangular to ovate, 6–9 × 4–6 mm, margin entire or outer sepals apically lobed or with few teeth, apex acute to shortly acuminate. Petals white, broadly ovate or suborbicular, 5–8 × 4–7 mm, abaxially glabrous or with few hairs, base clawed, margin sometimes erose. Stamens many, shorter than sepals; filaments 3–4 mm, linear, with few long hairs at apex of anthers. Pistils shorter than stamens; ovary with few hairs. Aggregate fruit red, globose or broadly ovoid, 8–10 mm in diam., glabrous. Fl. Jun–Jul, fr. Aug–Sep. 2n = 28*.

Dry places, rocks, stream sides, sparse forests in valleys; Low to high elevations. Guangdong, Guangxi, Taiwan.


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