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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Rosaceae | Spiraea

Spiraea dahurica Maxim.


Description from Flora of China

Spiraea alpina Pallas var. dahurica Ruprecht, Bull. Cl. Phys.-Math. Acad. Imp. Sci. Saint-Pétersbourg 15: 362. 1857.

Shrubs 1–1.5 m tall. Branchlets arching, red-brown when young, dark gray-brown when old, shining, slender, terete, glabrous; buds brownish, ovoid, 1–3 mm, with several scales, glabrous, apex acute. Petiole 1–2(–4) mm, glabrous; leaf blade long elliptic to linear-lanceolate, 0.9–2.5 × 0.4–0.9 cm, glabrous on both surfaces, pinnately veined, base cuneate, margin entire or 2–5-serrate apically, apex acute. Racemes umbellate, 1.5–2 cm, usually 10–20-flowered; rachis and pedicels glabrous; pedicels 7–18 mm; bracts linear to lanceolate, 2–3 mm, glabrous, caducous. Flowers 6–7 mm in diam. Hypanthium broadly campanulate, glabrous abaxially. Sepals shortly triangular, 1–1.5 mm, glabrous, reflexed in fruit, apex subobtuse or acute. Petals white, suborbicular or broadly ovate, 1.5–2.5 mm, about as broad as long. Disk 10-lobed; lobes suborbicular. Carpels glabrous or puberulous; styles shorter than stamens. Follicles straightly divergent, glabrous or puberulous on adaxial suture; styles terminal.

Thickets, slopes, rocks; below 1000 m. Hebei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Nei Mongol [Mongolia, Russia].


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