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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Meliaceae | Dysoxylum

Dysoxylum hongkongense (Tutch.) Merr.


Description from Flora of China

Chisocheton hongkongensis Tutcher, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 37: 64. 1905; C. erythrocarpus Hayata & Kanehira (1938), not Hiern (1875); C. kanehirae Sasaki; C. kusukusensis Hayata; Dysoxylum kanehirae (Sasaki) Kanehira & Hatusima; D. kusukusense (Hayata) Kanehira & Hatusima.

Trees 8-25 m tall. Young branches yellow pubescent to nearly glabrous; apical buds with leaves like clenched fists. Leaves 20-30(-50) cm or more, even-pinnate; leaflets 7-18, opposite, subopposite, or alternate, shiny above; petiolules 1-10 mm; leaflet blades narrowly elliptic to ovate, 7-15(-18) × 3-6.5 cm, usually subleathery, both surfaces glabrous, midvein abaxially protruding and adaxially slightly impressed, secondary veins 8-15 on each side of midvein, abaxially protruding and adaxially flat, base oblique and cuneate to rounded, apex obtuse, acute, shortly acuminate. Thyrses in upper leaf axils, 12-25 cm, appressed yellowish gray pubescent. Pedicel 2-4(-10) mm, stout, brownish pubescent. Calyx cup-shaped, (4 or)5-lobed, outside pubescent. Petals (4 or)5, white, narrowly elliptic, 5-6(-8) × ca. 2 mm, outside usually appressed rufous pubescent. Staminal tube 4-6.5 mm, outside sometimes covered with trichomes, apically margin truncate to undulate-crenulate; anthers 8, linear-oblong, included. Disk tubular, ca. 3 mm high, with crenations, apex brilliantly yellow ciliate. Ovary 3- or 4-locular, covered with dense yellow filiform trichomes, at least at base; style glabrous. Capsule pyriform to ellipsoid or globose, ca. 4 cm in diam. Seeds brown, narrowly ellipsoid, to 2.5 cm. Fl. May-Dec, fr. Nov-Jun.

This species is very closely allied to Dysoxylum alliaceum (Blume) Blume, a widespread and variable species of Malesia.

The timber is light and soft and usually used as construction and furniture material.

● Forests on mountains; low to middle elevations. Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Taiwan, S Yunnan.


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