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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Staphyleaceae | Turpinia

Turpinia formosana Nakai


Description from Flora of China

Small trees; branches dry brown-black, nodes swollen. Leaves simple; petiole (2-)3-5 cm, base greatly swollen; leaf blade oblong or oval to lanceolate, 8-12(-25) × 4-7 cm, leathery, glabrous, midvein prominent abaxially, lateral veins 6-8 pairs, rarely obvious adaxially and conspicuous abaxially, base cuneate, margin sparsely serrate, apex acuminate or blunt. Panicle terminal or axillary, with flowers sparsely arranged, ca. 15 cm, glabrous; bracteoles caducous. Flowers ca. 5.5 mm in diam., yellowish white. Sepals oblong-oval, ca. 3.5 mm, glabrous. Petals spatulate, ca. 4 mm, glabrous. Stamens inserted in floral disk; filaments ca. 4.5 mm, slightly pubescent. Ovary superior, 3-locular, pubescent, as well as style; stigma capitate. Fruit globose, green or yellowish purple, 8-15 mm in diam. Fl. Apr, fr. Jun.

● Forests; below 100-1500 m. Taiwan.


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