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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Melastomataceae | Phyllagathis

Phyllagathis stenophylla H. L. Li


Description from Flora of China

Bredia stenophylla Merrill & Chun, Sunyatsenia 5: 146. 1940.

Shrubs 0.8-3 m tall. Stems obtusely 4-sided; branchlets glabrous. Petiole 5-10 mm, glabrous; leaf blade oblong-lanceolate to oblong-oblanceolate, 5-10 × 1-2.3 cm, stiffly papery, both surfaces glabrous, secondary veins 1 on each side of midvein, base cuneate, margin basally entire but denticulate apically from middle, apex acuminate to shortly acuminate. Inflorescences, terminal, cymose contracted to umbellate, (2 or)3-flowered; peduncle ca. 4 mm. Pedicel 5-8 mm, 4-sided, glabrous. Hypanthium funnel-shaped, 5-6.5 mm, 4-sided. Calyx lobes narrowly triangular, ca. 1 mm, apex acuminate. Petals rose-colored to pale purplish red, ovate, ca. 12 × 6 mm, minutely oblique, apex acuminate. Stamens equal; filaments ca. 7 mm; anthers subulate-lanceolate, ca. 6 mm; connective decurrent, slightly prolonged, abaxially slightly inflated. Ovary ovoid, apex 4-lobed, lobes 2-denticulate. Capsule cup-shaped, ca. 6 × 5 mm, 4-sided; hypanthium 8-ribbed. Fl. May-Aug, fr. Aug-Oct.

● Open or dense forests, valleys, stream banks, rock crevices; 500-1000 m. Hainan.


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