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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Apiaceae | Libanotis

Libanotis spodotrichoma K. T. Fu


Description from Flora of China

Seseli spodotrichoma (K. T. Fu) Pimenov.

Plants (25–)40–80 cm, subshrubs, grayish pubescent throughout. Caudex simple. Stem branched above, solid, terete, woody at base. Basal leaves numerous; blade gray-green, elliptic-oblong, 10–25 × 4–8 cm, 2-pinnately dissected; pinnae 5–7 pairs, shortly petiolulate, pinnules 2–3 pairs, ovate; terminal pinnules obovate-cuneate, lateral pinnules ovate, 2.5–5 × 1.7–2.7 cm, 1–3-toothed or lobed, apex mucronate. Synflorescence paniculate; umbels 2–7 cm across; bracts absent; rays 5–12, 1–3.5 cm, slightly unequal, spreading, pubescent; bracteoles 7–10, lanceolate-linear, ca. 2 mm, entire; umbellules 15–30-flowered; pedicels ca. 3 mm, unequal. Calyx teeth narrowly triangular or lanceolate-subulate, ca. 0.6 mm. Petals white, abaxially villous. Stylopodium low-conic; styles suberect. Fruit obovate-oblong, slightly dorsally compressed, 3–4(–6) × 1–1.5 mm, grayish-villous; ribs slightly prominent, filiform; vittae 1 in each furrow, 2 on commissure. Fl. and fr. Aug–Oct.

This species has reputed medicinal value.

Two of us (Pimenov & Kljuykov, FOC 14: 130. 2005) treat this as Seseli spodotrichoma.

Rocky slopes in valleys; 1100–1800 m. SW Shaanxi.


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