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Chinese Plant Names | Family List | Gentianaceae | Crawfurdia

Crawfurdia pricei (Marq.) H. Smith


Description from Flora of China

Gentiana pricei C. Marquand, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1931: 75. 1931.

Root tubers cylindric, fleshy. Stems twining, terete, striate, internodes 4-21 cm. Lowermost leaves several pairs; leaf blade scalelike, triangular. Stem leaves sessile or with petiole 3-8 mm, hirsute and glandular; leaf blade lanceolate, ovate-lanceolate, or ovate, rarely broadly ovate, 4-11(-15) × 2-5 (-9) cm, leathery, abaxially densely hirsute and glandular along veins, base rounded, margin crenulate, apex acuminate, veins 3-5. Inflorescences cymes, rarely 1-flowered; peduncle to 15 cm. Pedicel 1-9 cm; bractlets usually present, lanceolate, 6-9 mm. Calyx tubular; tube 1-1.5 cm, entire, apex with a transparent intracalycular membrane; lobes reflexed, lanceolate to triangular, 1-4(-7) × 1-1.5(-2) mm, apex acute. Corolla white, pink, or pale purple, campanulate, ca. 4 cm; lobes ovate-triangular, 3-4 × 4-5 mm, apex acute; plicae semiorbicular to truncate, 1-2.5 × 3-4 mm, margin crenulate. Stamens inserted just below middle of corolla tube; filaments linear-subulate, ca. 1.2 cm; anthers ellipsoid, 3-4 mm. Nectaries narrowly ovate. Style short, ca. 8 mm including linear stigma lobes. Capsules light brown, ellipsoid, compressed, ca. 2 × 1 cm, included in corolla to slightly exserted; gynophore 2-3 cm. Seeds brown, discoid, ca. 2 mm in diam., broadly winged. Fl. and fr. Oct-Dec.

* Grassland slopes, scrub in valleys, dense forests; 400-2000 m. W Fujian, N Guangdong, N Guangxi, S Hunan.


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